WP Optimizer Toolkit Review

Is your WordPress website slow? Whatever the causes for it, you are losing a lot of money every single day. If your WordPress speed is more than 3 seconds, you must take action right now. 

The higher loading time of your website will cause a higher bounce rate and this will definitely be lost your Google ranking. Slipping down your Google ranking will provide you fewer opt-ins and lower conversions. 

Also for paid advertisements, your ad cost will be higher when you are using your website post as a landing page. A slower landing page will reduce your ad optimization score. 

So, the bottom line is don’t be late when your website speed is slowing down day by day. This will definitely harm your business slowly. 

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Reasons for slowing down your WordPress website:

There are several reasons, that can slow down a WordPress website. I just want to mention a few major causes. 

  • Poor quality hosting service provider.
  • Un-optimized themes and plugins.
  • Un-optimized GFX.
  • Heavy images.
  • Higher quantity long posts.

I will never say this is impossible to fix all the above issues individually. But sometimes it creates problems. Changing a WordPress theme is a time-consuming procedure. Sometimes you can lose some data while changing the theme. 

Changing your hosting service provider involves money. Few heavy plugins you can’t remove because of your specific requirements. Identifying all the heavy images and replace those images is also time-consuming work. All the above issues you can solve within 5 minutes by using WP optimizer Toolkit. 

What is the WP optimizer Toolkit?

This is a unique WordPress plugin that will help you to optimize your website speed instantly.

My experience with WP optimizer Toolkit:

I was experiencing the same higher loading time issue for one of my WordPress website a few days back. The loading time was 6 sec for my website. I install the plugin WP Toolkit optimizer. Instantly the speed time becomes 1.25 sec. In a single word, this plugin is awesome.

Features of WP optimizer Toolkit:

There are various features of this plugin. The most useful features are:

  • Optimize database
  • Bulk optimize images
  • Lazy load images
  • Site health check
  • Site speed profiler

How does it work?

First, start with a bulk optimization of images. Choose the number from the drop-down menu, that how many images you want to optimize. Press start bulk optimization. It may take a few minutes to optimize all the images. Then start the database optimization. Just click database optimization, post revisions, autosave & thrush post, comments, orphaned metadata one after one. 

Then activate the lazy load images and hit the save changes button. Now check your website’s new speed on any speed measuring tool. I can guarantee you that your new website loading time will be 500% lower than your previous website loading time. 


This is just a one-point solution of higher loading time for your WordPress website. Instead of fixing various causes of a slow website, WP optimizer Toolkit will do all the work instantly. So, what you are thinking about?

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