Contentify review. Convert any youtube videos into high-quality blog articles.

If you have an online business, you have to create content to grow it. Add good and quality content. As a result, your online business will be successful. 

But it is also true that content creation is not at all an easy task, because creating quality content needs time and new ideas. So, after a certain period of time, you need to hire an expensive content writer, and to solve this problem Contentify comes into play.  

The plugin Contentify converts any youtube video into an article. It converts video content into written content using artificial intelligence. 

The best part is, this plugin will not just transform youtube videos into text, but it delivers content in a structured way. As a result, the output text content will be easy to understand and high quality.

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Contentify review. Convert any youtube videos into high-quality blog articles.

How does Contentify work?

Contentify has only four steps involved to start with it.

The first step is to activate and sign up for the software.

In the second step, you have to provide input as a keyword related to your niche. Also, you can input the URL of the particular video you want to convert into text format.

Providing the input of the link, where you want to drive relevant traffic, is the third step. This link could be anything. For instance, your affiliate link, a landing page, or a blog article.

The final and fourth step is just to click the button and convert the youtube video into quality content. 

You can use this procedure several times 24×7 to make any number of content for your online business. So, making valuable content by using Contentify is just child’s play.

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Best features of Contentify:

  • Your valuable content is just a click away, as you can turn any youtube video into your blog article.
  • Proper scheduling and posting of your blog post are possible because time management is easy.
  • Find out the best and viral video for any niche and transform it into a text article.
  • The extracted content is simple and easy to understand. As a result, visitors will feel comfortable while reading the article.
  • The content is 100% copyright-free. Anyway, you can edit the article a little bit to make it as per your exact requirement.
  • Additionally, there are lots of royalty-free images and videos that exist. Those will enhance the quality of the blog post. 
  • Possible to share the article with the affiliate link to the social media through the direct sharing option. 
  • Automated social media publishing can be applied.
  • In-depth training videos will clarify all your problems.
  • The high-end support team is there to solve any software-related issues.

Contentify review. Convert any youtube videos into high-quality blog articles.

Is this legal?

Yes, this is absolutely legal. Also, Contentify finds videos that have creative commons. So, that means no individuals have the copyright to those videos. As a result, that will be the reason you will never face any issues legally for plagiarism. 

Contentify price:

This plugin has one front-end price and 6 OTO’s. 

Contentify regular – $17:

  • Provide keywords related to your niche. As a result, automatically find out creative common videos from youtube. 
  • Contentify will transform the video into text.
  • Social media sharing available with a single click.
  • 3 paid spinning services are integrated.
  • Auto sharing is available on Facebook fan pages and Pinterest.
  • Additionally, it is possible to place banner ads and HTML banners.

OTO 1 – Contentify pro  $42:

 You will get a bulk post option and developer rights. 

OTO 2 – Contentify worldwide $29:

The transformation of videos into any other language other than English is possible. For instance, you can get a german article from an English video

OTO 3 – Contentify advanced $42:

  • Here it is possible to unlock more content sources from different apps like Pinterest, Medium, Twitter, Vimeo, etc.
  • There are more advanced features like grammar check, drag & drop builder, and more than 500 RSS feed available.

OTO 4 – Contentify DFY Toolkit $37:

  • 100% done for your posts. Also, professionally designed free themes are available.
  • Legal pages included.
  • 20 most powerful plugins.
  • 40 DFY videos (contractors).
  • Customize 200 different logos.
  • Premium banner.
  • Collection of premium videos.

OTO 5 – Contentify DFY Traffic $34:

  • Social syndication platform available
  • Sharing is possible to top 20 social sites.
  • Possible to manage all social sites from one platform.

OTO 6 – Contentify reseller $127:

It allows reselling. No commission rule. So, you can keep 100% of the profit.

Contentify review. Convert any youtube videos into high-quality blog articles.


 Exhausted because of creating content? So, grab Contentify now and grow your business easily and fast.

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