EVA by Synthesys Review –  Text and image-to-video engine powered by Synthesys Technology!

What is EVA by Synthesys?

Welcome to my EVA by Synthesys Review. This is the ultimate true text-to-video and image-to-video app that’s about to change the game by helping you create stunning videos by using text prompts. Bring Your Imagination to Life! With EVA, you can transform any idea into stunning videos using simple prompts and images. EVA seamlessly integrates with Canva, making your creative workflow smoother than ever. Imagine creating your very own AI models to enhance your productions, personalizing generated videos, and even face-swapping – the possibilities are endless!

Why EVA?

  • Exclusive Canva Integration: Unleash even more creativity directly in Canva.
  • Create Unique AI Models: Personalize and enhance your videos and images like never before.
  • Founder’s Launch Special: Get rock-bottom pricing and unlimited usage for a one-time fee.
  • Free Enhancements: Enjoy all free technology enhancements because you’re locked in at the founder’s price!
  • And SO much more to see during our live founder’s webinars!

EVA by Synthesys Review; Features:

  • Text To AI Video: Effortlessly transform your text into stunning, high-quality videos. With Eva’s advanced AI technology, you can create captivating cinematic experiences with your simple text prompts.
  • Image to AI Video: Instantly bring your static images to life, with EVA’s image to video engine. Easily animate your photos to create engaging dynamic videos with cinematic flair. 
  • Text to AI Image: Convert your text into vivid, high-quality images. In few clicks transform your ideas into stunning image visuals effortlessly.
  • Create Multiscene Story: Craft intricate multi-scene stories with ease. Build compelling cinematic movies that captivates your audience from start to finish.
  • Personalize Your Videos: Become a part of your creations by uploading a selfie or photo. Eva integrate your face into video, making you a character in your own cinematic world.
  • Pose Control: Achieve the perfect look by applying body poses and compositions from your reference image to your video subject. You’ll have full control over the visual styles and posture, ensuring your video meet your creative vision.
  • FaceSwap: Easily swap the face of the subject in your ai videos with the face from your reference photo for more personalized and unique ai video creation.
  • Character LipSync: Bring your character to life with captivating voice-over. Eva’s lipsync ensures that the subject in your video accurately sync their lip movement to match the audio, for a more realistic and engaging video. 

Watch the official demo video below…


What will you get in EVA Mega Bundle in first 7 days?

  • EVA Commercial – Includes the text-to-video, and image to video engine that produces stunning, 1080p, AI videos based on your prompts and/or images. Create stories of up to 16 seconds long.  Create videos in square, vertical, and horizontal format for different applications. All media you produce can be downloaded and/or stored in your library for future use in projects!   $67
  • EVA Influencer – Make the subject in your images and videos anyone you want them to be. Mix faces (faceswap), place any subject (you, a client, etc.) directly in videos and images.  Upload voice audio and make the subjects in your videos and images talk. Manipulate your videos and images with even more precision with poses, and personalization!  $97
  • EVA AI Music – Create music with AI technology to use in your videos! $47
  • EVA AI Images – Enables Synthesys AI Image engine for EVA so you can create images based on prompts, and turn them into stunning videos.  This is unlimited fair usage (2000 images per month) $97/yr
  • EVA Unlimited – Unlimited fair usage (1600 videos per month) for your video creations. $197/yr

Why You’ll Love EVA:

  • Text Prompt to AI Video: Type your ideas and see them turn into engaging videos.
  • Image to AI Video: Transform your images into dynamic videos instantly.
  • Canva for AI Video: Combine EVA’s power with Canva’s creativity for unmatched results.
  • Create Video Stories: Craft captivating video stories up to 16 seconds long.
  • High-Quality Output: Enjoy stunning 1080p video quality.
  • Versatile Video Dimensions: Choose from 16:9, 9:16, and 1:1 formats.
  • Any Face, Any Pose: Personalize your videos with face swaps and pose adjustments.
  • Lip Sync: Add realistic lip-syncing to your AI-generated videos.
  • AI Photos & Videos: Create beautiful, lifelike AI images and videos of real people.
  • Upload Selfies: Turn your own selfies into an AI model.
  • AI Music (Bonus): Enhance your videos with AI-generated music.
  • Commercial License: Use EVA’s creations commercially.
  • Unlimited Usage: Generate videos and images without limits!

EVA by Synthesys Review; Product Overview:

ProductEVA by Synthesys
Creator / VendorOliver Goodwin
Launch date and timeJune 26th @11:00 am EDT 2024.
Front End Price$197
Customer supportExcellent
Money-back guarantee30 days
RecommendationHighly Recommended
My Product Rating9/10
Official website>> CLICK HERE <<

EVA by Synthesys Review; Price and upsells:

Bundle Price: $197+

  • limited usage (150 AI videos/month)
  • Text Prompt To AI Video
  • Image To AI Video
  • Canva for AI Video 
  • Create video stories with scenes (up to 16 seconds video)
  • 1080p video quality 
  • 16:9, 9:16, 1:1 video dimensions
  • Create videos with ANY face you like
  • Create AI videos in any human pose
  • Change the face of with Faceswap your videos with one click
  • Add lipsync to your ai generated videos
  • Create beautiful AI photos and videos of real people
  • Upload your selfies and create your own AI model
  • Take 100% AI photos in any pose
  • New Text-to-image engine
  • Commercial License 

Mega bundle Price: $247+

Bundle + Unlimited Usage

  • Generate unlimited AI videos with fair use (1600 4-seconds video a month)
  • Generate unlimited ai images with fair use (2000 images a month)

Make sure to use the coupon “MEETEVA” for an even bigger discount.

Vendor Bonuses:

  • Bonus#1: Prompts for EVA
  • Bonus#2: Special EVA/Canva training
  • Bonus#3: How to use capcut course
  • Bonus#4: Biolink creator app
  • Bonus#5: Image editor software with commercial rights

EVA by Synthesys Review; Conclusion:

That’s all about EVA by Synthesys review. With EVA, your imagination is the only limit. Simply think it, and watch it come to life in motion. EVA offers what other apps can’t.  For example, seamlessly integrating with Canva, offering you even more creative flexibility to create videos. Eva is a very straight forward, simple-to-use prompt and image to video engine. Everything from creating videos with prompts and images, and enhancing what you create is very intuitive for even the most novice users.  There’s also ample training on each feature showing you exactly how to use it.

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