What is NFT Exposed? A complete review. Earn money online by NFT’s.

What are fungible and non-fungible goods?

Before going in-depth discussion of NFT exposed, we have to understand NFT. The full form of NFT is “Non-Fungible Token”. Little confused? Let me explain in detail. Fungible goods can be interchanged with some other goods with the same value. 

For example, $100 can be exchanged for two $50 notes. By this exchange, nothing is gained or lost. Some other examples of fungible goods are commodities, common shares, etc. 

Non-Fungible goods can’t be exchanged under any circumstances.  For example, a trading card like a baseball card, assets like a diamond, land are non-fungible goods. 

Even if you interchange non-fungible goods, there will be some loss or gain in terms of money. For example, if you interchange your old car with your friend’s car, there will be some gain or loss involved.

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What is a non-fungible token?

Now it’s time to understand non-fungible tokens (NFT). These are cryptocurrency token that is unique. These unique tokens are stored as a digital ledger, valued per unit data, and can’t be interchangeable. 

These units of data containing various items and that are the reason we can’t interchange them. These single NFT’s act or represents some other digital files like videos, images, music, etc. A certificate also provided to the NFT buyers which ensures the ownership and value. This certificate is a must for any future transaction. 

What is NFT Exposed?


The vendor of NFT exposed is James Renouf. This person explained how you can learn the exact strategy to gain from NFTs. James Renouf is in the field of cryptocurrency from the very beginning when Bitcoin started its journey. 

In the year 2012, James Renouf released a cryptocurrency product called “Crypto Mania”. A lot of people gain millions of money by using the exact strategy of that particular product “Crypto Mania”. Just four years back he launched “Crypto Kittens exposed”. This was also an awesome product of cryptocurrency. The “NFT exposed” is the latest one in early 2021. 

What is NFT Exposed?

Is “NFT exposed” worth buying?

This is expected that like “Crypto Mania” and “Crypto Kitten exposed”, NFT exposed is going to be a super valuable course. This course is released on 14th March 2021. I am writing this blog article review on 21st March. The selling graph of “NFT exposed” is going upward very fast in this short span. 

Price of “NFT exposed”:

The initial price of this product is $11.99. I personally feel this price is nothing for a quality product. There is some upgraded product for a higher value. All prices are listed below:

  • NFT exposed:  $11.99
  • NFT exposed upgrade 1:  $29
  • NFT exposed upgrade 2:  $29
  • NFT exposed upgrade 3:  $29
  • NFT exposed upgrade 4:  $1 (This is a recurring product, $1 for the first 3 days then $19 per month)
  • NFT exposed upgrade 5:  $97
  • NFT exposed upgrade 6:  $497

This is absolutely ok to purchase the front-end product ($11.99) for a newbie. The best part is there are a 30 days moneyback guarantee. 


Cryptocurrency is booming now, I feel that this is the best time to plant the tree. “NFT exposed” is absolutely beginner-friendly. If you are very new to cryptocurrency and want to start from scratch, then also this product is going to be awesome for you. There are lots of opportunities ahead in this industry. So, what you are waiting for? 

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