Micmonster Review – Convert text into a human-like voice-over.

This is the best AI voice-over application that can convert any text from any language to a human-like voice-over instantly. 

This is a cloud-based application, so you can operate it from any location and any device from android to mac. To create your voice-over, you just need the script. Micmonster will do the rest. 

Just paste your script, choose the language and voice. Your voice-over will be ready to download within a few seconds. The best part is the voice will be very close to a human voice.

There is also an option to change the emotion of the voice. There are options like cheerful, Empathetic, chat, etc. You can choose any option as per your script. 

To create a high-converting video you need a good voice-over. A good video with a high-quality voice-over will give you clicks, leads, and sales.  

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Name – Harinderpreet Singh.

He is a digital marketer. Mr. Singh’s mission is to provide better saas solutions at an affordable price.

Micmonster Review - Convert text into a human-like voice-over.

Why do you need Micmonster?

To create a voiceover by yourself is a tedious and time-consuming job. Also, you need high-quality costly equipment to start voice-over on your own. 

If you outsource the service, you have to find the right voice-over artist. A good voice-over artist is costly. You have to spend hundreds of dollars to get results. 

Using a robotic voice will not create an impact on your visitors. 

These are the reasons Micmonster comes into play. This will create a voice-over with an almost human-like voice without any costly pieces of equipment and without spending any time.

Advantages of Micmonster:

  • You can make multiple scripts to create the highest converting one voice-over. Because creating a voice-over is just a matter of a few seconds. 
  • This eliminates any language barrier. It works in 41 languages including English. Some non-native English speakers are not fluent enough in English. So with Micmonster you don’t need to speak while creating a video. Just create your video without voice and add Micmonster voice-over with the video.
  • Keep your viewer hooked longer with a high-quality voice-over. People will become more engaged with your video. You will get more subscribers, a higher ranking, and of course more sales. 
  • This cycle will continue and all the future uploads will get more views and engagement. A survey says videos with Micmonster voice-over will rank on youtube within 6 days and your videos will get 57% and more average watch duration.
  • It reduces the time and effort. When your script is ready, it takes only 7 seconds to create your voice-over. Just drag & drop the slider to any video editing software with a little adjustment and your video is ready.
  • It saves a lot of money. Voice-over service is costly. You can check the price on Fiverr or other freelancing platforms. For a 10 minutes video, you need to pay $50 to a professional voice-over artist. I feel this is a huge amount. Micmonster will provide you the freedom not to hire a voice-over artist for a lifetime.
  • The voice will be almost 100% human-like voice. This will build more trust and engagement.

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Price details:

MicMonster FE – $27:

You can generate unlimited 500 words (3000 characters) voice-overs.

OTO1 – MicMonster Pro – $47

You can generate unlimited 1000 word (6000 characters) voice-overs.

OTO2 – MicMonster Agency – $67

This is the agency pack. Here you will get user and sub-user logins without paying separate licenses for each employee.

OTO3 – Micmonster DFY – $47

10 Micmonster done-for-you campaigns from 10 hot nitches, that each includes high converting voice-overs, and those are editable. 

Bonus value over $1191 For FREE:

Micmonster Review - Convert text into a human-like voice-over.

Micmonster Review - Convert text into a human-like voice-over.

Micmonster Review - Convert text into a human-like voice-over.

Is Micmonster really worth money? Final conclusion:

Absolutely, Micmonster can save a lot of marketing costs and time. The little tiny investment can make a boost in your online advertisement. This is a no-brainer solution for your voice-over requirement. 

Purchasing Micmonster is completely risk-free, as there are a 30 days money-back guarantee. So, don’t think so much, just start with Micmonster and get more engaged views and sales.

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