Clever Messenger Review – Unique AI-Powered Conversational Tool.

What is Clever messenger?

Clever messenger is a chatbot creation and marketing suite for Facebook Messenger and Instagram direct messages. It contains all of the bells and whistles you’d expect from such a tool. Such as a visual drag ‘n drop editor, broadcasting, growth tools, and more features. In this Clever Messenger Review, we will go over all of the tool’s features and advantages to help you understand how beneficial it is for your marketing solution.

3,000 subscribers, Unlimited Pages, and Unlimited Broadcasts are included. Plus, you’ll get in-depth training and a FREE Pro trial with 10,000 subscribers as a bonus. On the front end, a commercial license is included.

Why Should You Pay Attention to Messenger and Instagram?

  • There are around 2.9 billion active users worldwide.
  • 72% of individuals have made a purchase online.
  • An engaging channel with an average open rate of 82%.
  • When compared to email, it has 4 to 10 times better CTRs.
  • When compared to conventional messaging, this method is 20% faster.
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Clever Messenger Review

Clever Messenger Review; Features:

Instagram Features:

They are the FIRST platform in the launch area to offer both Facebook Messenger and Instagram chatbot functionality with their new Instagram features.

Conversations Powered by AI:

They developed a mini-series about a new conception called “AI-Powered Conversations,” which has performed exceptionally well for the product creator and has been added to the Prelaunch.

The Visual Drag ‘n Drop editor, Flow Composer:

The editor assists in the visualization of message flow, making it simpler to understand what’s going on in a chatbot, and it speeds up the creation of chatbots.

In addition to webhooks, Zapier, and Integromat, there are over 50 native integrations:

This makes it simple to connect Clever Messenger’s current tech stacks, making it simple to add new marketing channels and therefore gain more visibility.

Lead Qualification Automation:

The ability to qualify and produce leads immediately within the chatbot, as well as obtain high-quality email addresses and phone numbers. You may submit this data to a pipeline software or Google Sheets. Also, automate appointment setup, and receive just the most qualified prospects on sales calls or sales discussions by sending this data.

With 220+ Chatbot Templates, you can build and sell bots faster:

Customers may utilize the chatbot templates to easily market chatbots to new and existing clients, which speeds up chatbot development for them and their clients. They are also throwing in over 200 custom Flows as a bonus. You may even select from the semi-exclusive to provide them with even more DFY gifts.

Support and an intuitive user interface:

It seems that they have already used the platform, making it quite simple for them to begin incorporating Messenger and Instagram Chatbots into their business. With an NPS of 62 and the majority claiming that the UI and support are the reasons, they’re continuing.

Comment Replies and Private Replies on Facebook and Instagram:

Customers appear to appreciate the idea that a Facebook page or Instagram account instantly reacts to comments AND individually messages the commenter.

The Testimonial:

Check out the Testimonial Reel on the Tools page; they are utilizing this as an advertisement. It has maintained a 5X ROAS since its launch.

Lifetime Deal:

It performs well compared to other chatbot solutions in terms of the number of subscribers, pages, and accounts.

Custom Integration:

If you have software or app that you can integrate with, this is always really effective. If you desire an integration, contact the vendor.

Agency Aspect: 

Selling chatbots to clients and utilizing them for clients works really well.

Send unlimited broadcasts:

Send limitless messages to your subscribers. You decide what your limit is.

Use on unlimited pages:

Install and utilize Clever on an unlimited number of FB Pages and IG accounts, with no per-page fees.

A/B split test:

Test complete Flows or just a single message. 

Global fields:

There are five categories of system fields that are relevant to your chatbot. Accelerate bot creation.

Random path:

Create a random flow distribution. This is ideal for giveaways.

Easy 10-second installation:

There were no headaches. Installing is quick and uncomplicated. In only three clicks, you’re ready to construct.

Typing indicators:

By simulating typing, you may make your chatbot look human.


Send messages just to users who meet your conditions.


Include a virtual persona in each conversation you have with a subscriber.

Go to the flow:

Using go-to-flow cards, you can keep track of everything. Send people to different Flows.

Full emoji support:

Emojis may be used to personalize your message and provide a human touch.

Tags for personalization:

Personalization is automated. You may easily address your subscribers by name.

Personalized fields:

Use any of the 6 Custom Fields types to easily capture User Input.

artificial intelligence triggers:

Specify keywords that will cause your automated messages to be sent.

Tools for GDPR:

With Privacy & Data Checkup tools, you can stay 100% GDPR compliant.

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Clever Messenger

Clever Messenger Review; Benefits:

Create your Chatbot without any coding:

Using the Flow Composer, you may drag and drop profitable chats. An automated dynamic, two-way interaction for Instagram Direct Message and Facebook Messenger. Set up basic Flows, so your chatbot can nurture relationships, qualify leads, enhance conversions, give support, and automate sales on your behalf. There is no coding required. However, you can easily create a chatbot using Clever Messenger.

Drag and Drop Profitable Conversations:

Drag and drop Messenger and Instagram bots without any technical difficulties. It’s simple, entertaining, and requires no code.

Unique growth tools will boost your business:

With clever capturing technologies, you can convert anyone into a subscriber. And build your Messenger and Instagram audiences at tremendous speed.

Sending broadcasts provides on-demand traffic:

Messenger is the perfect place to get your message heard, with 82% average open rates and a 10x higher CTR than email.

Get Personal With Prospects and Customers:

Receive alerts whenever anyone needs your attention. Making it simple to communicate with prospects and clients.

Understand who your subscribers are:

Check out User Input, Tags, and Entry Points. Put subscribers in segments automatically to fine-tune your message with great accuracy.

Inform your chatbot of your objectives:

Play with your chatbot’s settings to make it look as human as possible. It’s all up to you; you have complete control.

Integrate any third-party tools you use:

Use the 50+ third-party tools (and counting) that Clever Messenger naturally integrates with. And get more out of the tools you already like and use every day. With 2-way integrations, you can bring your FacebookTM Messenger and InstagramTM chatbots to life. Add extra touchpoints to your Chatbot Flows by including Email and SMS.

If your favorite app is not integrated, Simply drop them an email, and they will make it happen. Until then, use Zapier or Integromat to link Clever Messenger to over 2000 products.

Watch the official demo video below:

Price and upsells:

Clever Messenger Front-end > Price $199/one-time.

Upsell1: Clever Messenger Pro > Price $299/yr – $399/yr – $499/yr

Downsell1: Clever Messenger Pro > Price $249/yr

Upsell2: Clever Messenger Agency > Price $599/yr – $799/yr – $999/yr

Upsell3: Clever Messenger Unlimited > Price $999/one time

Upsell4: Clever Messenger VIP Club > Price $49/mo

Vendor bonuses:

  • The Chatbot Checklist
  • Chatbot Zero to Chatbot Hero!
  • 120+ DFY Messenger Bot Flows
  • 110+ DFY Instagram Bot Flows
  • Get Community Access
  • Personal Chatbot
  • 1200 FREE SMS Messages
  • Founding Member!
  • The Commercial License
  • The Clever Lead Kit
  • Clever Agency Kit
  • Clever Agency Chatbot

Clever Messenger Review; Complete overview:

ProductClever Messenger
VendorStefan van der Vlag
Launch date and timeSept 29th @11:00 am EST 2022.
FE Price$199
Customer supportExcellent
Money-back guarantee30 days
RecommendationHighly Recommended
Official website>> CLICK HERE <<
Stefan van der Vlag

Clever Messenger Review; Conclusion:

If your company is slow to reply to client inquiries, it’s just a matter of time before they move to your competitors. Your responses are fast and available 24×7 with AI-Powered Conversations.

Resolve up to eight out of ten client inquiries. As a result, you and your team save time and money while winning more business. While simultaneously enhancing consumer satisfaction.

Include AI-powered FAQs with pre-written responses. Allow it to collect customer support information or notify your staff when someone needs human assistance. That’s all about Clever Messenger Review. My final opinion? It’s a no-brainer.

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