Aura Review – The World’s First 500-In-1 Traffic App.

This is an application that makes social media videos in a minute. Aura’s online video creator has the potential to convert video viewers into your followers. The excellent drag and drop creator allows you to create unique video contents that stand out. 

There are more than 100 different templates designed for social media. You can create videos for any niche and you can promote and sell any kind of products. This application will boost your social page in a short time span. 

Aura is basically a SaaS software and inside this, there is an all-around solution to grow your business. 

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Company name – Digital page designs.

Name – Billy Darr, Finn Goswami, Justin Opay.

Location – London, U.K.

Few previous good products created by this vendor are Orion – Dares You To Send 1 More Email, Krown – Deal Of The Week, Xtreme – Send 1 More Email, Hive, etc.

Aura Review - The World's First 500-In-1 Traffic App.

Top features of Aura:

  • Drag & Drop Video Builder.

20 Different Video Types. Facebook Video feed, Facebook Video Story, Facebook in-stream video, Facebook Instant Articles, Instagram Story, Facebook Ad, Instagram Ad, YouTube Video Ad, etc. 

All other features like Uploads, Elements, Text, Images, Videos, Music, Filters, Layers, etc.

  • Social Media Marketing.

Blast your campaign to more than 200 social media in a single click.

  • SMS Marketing.

Import CSV Contact List, Integrate with Most Popular SMS Gateways, Integrate Any Custom HTTP API for Local SMS Gateway Provider, Broadcast SMS to Custom Imported List, Campaign Scheduling, etc.

  • Email Marketing.

Drag and drop email builder, Import CSV contact list & segmentation, Integrate with most popular email gateways, Campaign scheduling, etc.

  • Ecommerce Marketing.

Mobile apps like easy use UI, Multiple stores, Contactless QR menu, Product management, Category & attribute management, etc.

  • WooCommerce Marketing.

Select your Facebook Page & download the WordPress plugin for the WooCommerce shop, This add-on uses Facebook Messenger Checkbox Plugin to OPT-IN, Auto label assign on OPT-IN, etc.

  • Comparison & Search Marketing.

Website Comparison like share, comment, description, etc.

  • Messenger BOT Marketing.

Reply with Text, File, Image, Audio, Video, Gif.

Generic Template, Carousel Template, Media Template.

Post-Back Buttons, Quick Reply Buttons.

The button of URL, Phone Number, Webview, User Birthday, etc.

  • Visitor Analytics.

  • Website Analytics.

  • Keyword Analysis.

  • Social Network Analysis.

  • Web Traffic Analysis.

  • Domain Analysis.

  • Link Clocking.

  • Utility Tool.

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 Visitors analytics gives the full report on:

  • Unique visitor.
  • Page view. 
  • Bounce rate. 
  • Average stay time. 
  • Average visit. 
  • Traffic analysis. 
  • Top referrer. 
  • New & returning visitor. 
  • Content overview. 
  • Country & browser report. 
  • Os & device report.

Web analytics gives a full report on:

  • Alexa data. 
  • Whois data.
  • Social media data. 
  • Moz check. 
  • Search engine index. 
  • Google page rank. 
  • IP analysis. 
  • Malware check.

SEO tools:

  • Link analysis. 
  • Keyword position analysis. 
  • Auto keyword suggestion. 
  • Page status check.

Price details:

  • Aura – $17.00
  • Aura Turbo $39.00
  • Aura Turbo Discount $19.00
  • Aura – Done-For-You $197.00
  • Aura DFY Discount $67.00
  • Aura – Auto Edition $39.00
  • Aura Auto Discount $29.00
  • Aura – 200 DFY Campaigns $39.00
  • Aura 200 DFY Campaigns Discount $29.00
  • Aura – Selling Machine $197.00
  • Aura Selling Machine Discount $77.00
  • Aura – Biz In A Box Pro $39.00
  • Aura Biz In A Box Discount $29.00
  • Aura – Traffic Masterclass $39.00
  • Aura Traffic Masterclass Discount $29.00
  • Aura – $1000 A Day Edition $39.00
  • Aura $1000 A Day Edition Discount $19.00
  • Aura – Reseller $39.00
  • Aura Reseller Discount $29.00
  • Aura – Max $39.00
  • Aura Max Discount $19.00

Is Aura really worth money? Final conclusion:

If you want free buyer traffic, the Aura app can help you a lot. The best part is you don’t need any skills. The complete tutorial is given inside the application. This is unique software, never seen before. You don’t need to create any videos and SEO is not required. 

The software is simple and easy to use. Finally, high-quality live chat support is included. Also, 365 days money-back guarantee is there. In my opinion, this is the perfect software to get traffic. So, what are you waiting for? Start with Aura now.

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