Webcop Review – Creates buyer leads from websites that are violating local and international laws.


Revolutionary AI Engine Instantly Scans, Detects, Repairs, and Generates Buyer Leads From Websites That Unknowingly Violate Local and International Laws. In this Webcop Review, we will discuss the main features and benefits of this tool. 


Name – Misan Morrison.

He has worked as a digital marketer and product designer for over a decade. He made StockRush, Cubeet, Redeemly, Fx funnel commercials, Fx funnel standard, Animaze commercials, and more excellent products.

Misan Morrison

Webcop Review; Benefits:

  • Webcop includes a built-in high-converting funnel for attracting buyer leads and convincing clients to pay for website compliance services.
  • To get started, no technical skills or sales expertise are required.
  • Copy and paste any website URL into the Webcop Legal Analyzer, and it can detect up to ten compliance flaws in seconds.
  • Users may create custom legal policies and documents for any website.
  • Before uploading images, videos, or text to your web pages, do a one-click plagiarism check.
  • With a single line of code, you can make your website ADA-compliant.
  • Comply with international privacy rules with our GDPR tools, which develop Cookie Policies and Widgets in a matter of seconds.
  • Copy and paste one line of code from Webcop into any website, blog, or funnel to activate a full-fledged agency funnel, saving website owners from legal action.
  • The vendor already earning money in their spare time by assisting businesses with website compliance issues.
  • The step-by-step training is included – they will show you all you need to know so you can get started today.
  • Included is a complimentary agency license. You will have the ability to charge whatever price for this hot service, either monthly or one-time and keep 100% of the profit.
  • This is the simplest way they have found to build a six-figure business in 2022 and beyond.

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What business owners don’t know about the legal issues?

  • Websites for businesses must be ADA compliant and accessible to all users, including those with disabilities.
  • Plagiarism on business websites or the use of unlicensed images can result in tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees.
  • SSL security is critical for a business website’s rankings and data protection.
  • A privacy policy is required for business websites.
  • Any website that collects leads or sells something must have a disclaimer, terms and conditions, and permission to use cookies.

Watch the official demo video below:

Webcop Review; Features:

Analyzer for Lawsuit Websites:

This tool is integrated with WebCop and can be used to perform a complete scan of ANY website you choose to search for possible flaws that might result in a lawsuit without the need for installation.

You’ll obtain fast findings from the study that show potential legal concerns that need to be rectified with the click of a mouse and only a few seconds.

Widget for a Lawsuit Website:

Copy and paste this widget into your Agency’s website to instantly generate leads by offering free legal and compliance checks.

This application automatically searches for legal and compliance concerns on any website that decides to perform a compliance test.

Privacy Policy Creator:

Surprisingly, many websites do not have a privacy policy, despite the fact that it is an FTC violation that can result in a fine.

Webcop will easily detect this and develop a Privacy Policy for any website that does not have one without any further effort.

Disclaimer Generator:

A disclaimer should be included on any website that sells anything to avoid responsibility and to clarify what is being sold and how everything works.

Webcop also has a module that does this easily. Create a beautiful disclaimer in an instant that will safeguard the website owners from litigation and responsibility.

Cookie Consent Creator:

If your website utilizes cookies, you must get visitor consent in accordance with the GDPR and applicable legislation. 

This simple application makes it super easy to include this into any client site in order to avoid penalties and charges. This is a simple method to charge $500 or more for a few minutes of work.

Terms And Conditions Creator:

A Terms & Conditions page is essential for every website that collects leads or sells products, yet many do not have one. This easy tool makes it simple to add a Terms and Conditions page to any website online.

Cookie Widget Generator:

Many corporate websites are actively wanting to add a cookie widget, and this Webcop application achieves it rapidly and efficiently with a few clicks. Create a custom cookies widget quickly to ensure compliance with the ePrivacy Directive and GDPR.

Return and Refund Policy Maker:

Having a return refund policy increases consumer trust, increases sales, and actually reduces refunds and chargebacks. Unfortunately, developing a legally binding return and refund policy may be time-consuming and complicated.

This Return and Refund Policy Generator makes creating an ironclad Return and Refund Policy for any website as simple as inputting a few simple data and clicking your mouse.

The ADA Fixer:

This easy application will detect any ADA compliance issues with any website and will allow you to quickly and simply resolve such issues.

It would ordinarily cost $2,000 to $3,500 or more to resolve these issues, but Webcop handles all of the heavy labor for you.

SSL Fixer:

It is critical for a company website to employ SSL in order to safeguard sensitive customer data and achieve the highest possible search rankings, and this tool detects all SSL problems.

Fix these flaws that might cause visitors to quit a website because they believe it is insecure. Businesses would happily pay you to reduce the bounce traffic.

Plagiarism Checker:

Webcop will detect any text, picture, or video plagiarism on a website with a simple click, allowing it to be deleted and penalties and lawsuits avoided.

This is a typical problem that can have a negative impact on a business. You may charge anything you want and retain 100% of the revenue.

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Webcop Review; Complete overview:

Product Webcop
Vendor Misan Morrison
Front End Price $37
Launch date and time Mar 25th @ 11:00 am EST.
Money-back guarantees 30 days
Customer support Excellent
Recommendation Highly Recommended
Official website >> CLICK HERE <<


  • Because it is a web-based software, there is nothing to install or update.
  • This is considerably easier than the traditional internet approaches that your subscribers have tried and failed with, such as affiliate marketing or e-commerce.
  • Simply copy and paste a single line of code.
  • There are no technical requirements.
  • No email list is necessary.
  • There is no need to construct a sophisticated funnel.
  • No sponsored advertisements.
  • There will be no hard selling or cold calling.
  • Businesses need this and will gladly pay to have you address it for them.
  • Once the code is pasted, the app handles the rest, closing the purchase using our built-in done-for-you funnel.
  • This is the easiest approach for generating recurring revenue online.


  • No cons found so far.

Webcop Review; Price and upsells:

  • FE Webcop ($37 Retail Price)
  • Senior Webcop ($67 Retail Price)
  • Chief Webcop ($67 Retail Price)
  • Executive Webcop ($147 Retail Price)
  • Executive Webcop plus ($197 Retail Price)
  • Commando ($197 Retail Price)

Vendor bonuses:

  • Life-Time Access To “SoftVCard – Elite Digital Business Card Maker”
  • Unlimited Life-Time Access To “Biolinks – Bio Links, URL Shortener & QR Codes Generator”
  • Unlimited Life-Time Access To “Turbo Website Reviewer – In-depth SEO Analysis Tool”
  • Life-Time Access To “Salesy – Business Sales CRM”
  • Unlimited Life-Time Access To “ClockGo – Time Tracking Tool”


Webcop makes it simple to build a six-figure agency company by copying and pasting a single line of code and utilizing a simple web-based tool to get paid for assisting businesses.

Webcop handles 9 distinct legal and compliance concerns with business websites that can result in fines or litigation and attracts companies to you so you can assist them and earn money to solve these problems for them in minutes.

That’s all about Webcop Review. Also, they are providing 30 days money-back guarantee. If you change your mind for any reason, simply notify them and they will provide a refund instantly.

   Get Access To Webcop Official Website

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