VideoLeads Machine Review – With video, you can instantly increase your authority in any niche and convert leads into new clients.

Now you can attract quality leads who are willing to invest in you and your products. Use “Mini TED Talk” videos in combination with the instant authority strategies to increase lead conversions.

When it comes to generating leads and selling products and services online, you’re missing an important element. And it’s the barrier to growing your business. 

So many of us in every niche and industry are putting in a lot of work to generate leads and make sales online. But building trust and authority is the major part to become successful.

A lead magnet always does not work, most people don’t want to give their email address in exchange for something not so valuable.

If you can offer a thing that provides excellent value, that may solve a huge problem of lead generation. But it’s not enough to close a lead or simply this will not drive sales. If you’ve never had a client or customer before, people will not trust you. 

We don’t all have the connections or existing reputations, it’s one of the most difficult obstacles for business owners and entrepreneurs to overcome. That is the reason VideoLeads Machine comes into play.

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How exactly VideoLeads Machine work?

Do you know what “TED Talks” are? They’re short and impactful speaking events where an expert appears and speaks for less than 18 minutes about whatever they want to talk about. 

Some of the finest Ted Talks are as short as 5 minutes! There’s a reason for my speaking engagement being cut short. It provides a platform for the expert to present knowledge that the audience can simply absorb in order to have the biggest effect. 

Many of these presenters are unfamiliar to the audience. There is no past relationship, and no trust has been created. But by the conclusion of the TED Talk, the audience is engaged, and the speaker gets instant authority with the audience on the subject.


Names – Todd Gross, David Sprague, LuAnn Beckman.

They are the most experienced online marketers and product creators. 

David Sprague and Todd Gross, a well-known brand and authority-building guru, and their team set and figure out how to obtain instant authority. David and his team are experts in building successful enterprises from the bottom up. 

They’ve combined the greatest methods, technology, and expert advice to create VideoLeads Machine. A strong step-by-step procedure combined with automated software called AuthorityVids. Anybody, in any niche, can use it to earn the instant authority to generate leads and ultimately boost sales.

VideoLeads Machine Review Vendors

VideoLeads Machine is best suitable for…

  • Digital product sellers.
  • Agency business owners.
  • Offline business owners.
  • Yard service providers.

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Watch the official demo video below:

Module breakdown:

Module #1 (Lead Conversion Strategy):

  • Ingredients to getting leads.
  • Video Authority Multiplier.
  • ​Ted Talk Conversion Formula.
  • Video Lead Machine Strategy.

Module #2 (Video Conversion Strategy):

  • The HPITA Formula.
  • The Offer.
  • The Headline.
  • The Problem.
  • The Illustration.
  • ​The Takeaway.
  • ​The Action.

Module #3 (Authority Video Formula):

  • Authority Video Framework.   ​
  • Authority Video Creation.    ​
  • Video Lead Capture Strategy.   
  • ​Supercharger Lead Generation.     ​
  • Instant Authority To Get Leads.

Module #4 (Video Lead Marketing):

Module #5 (AuthorityVids Software Automation Training):

  • Tools You Can Use To Automate.
  • ​DFY High Converting Scripts.
  • ​Authority Vid Quickstart.
  • ​Authority Vid Creation Automation.
  • ​Video Leadpages Training.

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Follow the below chart for a complete overview of the product VideoLeads Machine:

Product VideoLeads Machine
Vendor Todd Gross, David Sprague, LuAnn Beckman
Launch date and time Nov 01st @ 11:00 am EDT.
Front End Price $27
Customer support Excellent
Money-back guarantee 30 days
Recommendation Highly Recommended
Official website >> CLICK HERE <<

Price Details:

Front End – VLM (Price: $27 – $47 One Time):

  • ​#1 Module – Quickstart To Your Success In 12 Minutes:  How To Become An Instant Expert.
  • #2 Module – The Expert Authority Formula. 
  • #3 Module – How to Market Your Expertise.
  • #4 Module – Instant Customers:  Converting Your Leads into Paying Clients.
  • #5 Module – AuthorityVids Marketing. 

AuthorityVids software – Push button video creation software makes anyone look like an Authority in their desired niche (Create 5 authority videos)

Personal Use OR Commercial License Available

OTO 1 – VLM Sales & Marketing Power Pack (Price: $47 One Time):

  • Feature #1 – Emails, PPTs, Resources to get and close clients + Social Covers,  Social Posts, Presentation templates.
  • Feature #2 –  Bonuses – Business Finder App, Service Client Contract.

OTO 2 – VLM Unlimited AuthorityVids Pro (Price: $97 One Time):

  • Feature #1 – Create Unlimited AuthorityVids.
  • Feature #2 –  32 Niche Scripts for Video Creation.

OTO 3 – VLM Unlimited Leads Landing Pages (Price: $67 YEARLY):

  • Feature #1 – – Unlimited Lead Landing Pages & Lead Capture System.

OTO 4 -VLM 3-Part Live Masterclass (Price: $97 One Time):

  • #1 Part: Quick Start Activation Training.  
  • #2 Part: Build your System for New Clients. 
  • #3 Part: Advanced AuthorityVid Strategies. 

VLM Bundle (Price: $297 One Time):

  • Full Funnel for ONE price
  • VideoLeads Machine FE, Sales & Marketing Power Pack, Unlimited AuthorityVids, 1 Year of VideoLeadPages.
  • 3-Part LIVE Masterclass.

Vendor Bonuses:

#1: How to use VLM Authority Video as Gif inside your email marketing.

#2: Todd’s Handbrake Tricks.

#3: Free Advertising Credits Worth $500.


This tried-and-true step-by-step technique can get you results in as little as one day. Especially when used in conjunction with the AuthorityVids software that comes along with VideoLeads Machine.

​You already know that having greater authority and establishing yourself as an expert in your field will help you obtain more leads and, eventually, earn more sales.

Also, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you don’t like the software, you can claim a refund and they will refund you the full amount.

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