THE PLAN Review (Dan Hollings) – Amazing Crypto Bot Trading Course.


THE PLAN is a training program developed by Dan Hollings after years of learning and improving several cryptocurrency tactics, the most well-known of which is his “wiggle method.” In this THE PLAN Review, we will go through all such details you must need to know before purchasing this training program. So, keep reading this review article. 

THE PLAN has had a number of launches, several of which occurred when the software was still in “beta.” The Plan is a digital training program that teaches consumers how to build up “Crypto bots” that trade multiple cryptocurrencies hundreds (if not thousands) of times each day. They gain a tiny profit every time they sell a coin, generally between 17 and 86 cents.

That may not seem like much, but it may happen hundreds of times every day. Customers of THE PLAN do not guess whether a digital coin will rise or fall in value. They are hoping that it will move up and down. A great deal. Because that is when they are most profitable. 

True, if they purchase low and sell high, they can earn a nice profit on top of that. As long as cryptocurrencies fluctuate, THE PLAN will continue to produce excellent outcomes.

For the majority of last year, the Plan was in “beta.” For their November/December launch, they introduced a new member’s area and generated a slew of new content for the consumers.

Over group-zoom conversations, customers are instructed on each phase of THE PLAN. They acquire everything they need to work on THE PLAN and be successful in 6 sessions, regardless of previous Crypto or trading experience.

“THE PLAN” is best suitable for…

Bitcoin is owned by 17% of Americans. It is significantly higher in other places of the world. Everyone and their brother want to go into Crypto, but no one knows what they’re purchasing or how to gain an advantage. That is the reason “THE PLAN” comes into play.

Anyone working in eCommerce, digital marketing, internet marketing, or personal development is a good fit for THE PLAN.

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Who is the creator of the product?

THE PLAN was created by Dan Hollings. Dan has been at the forefront of technology for almost a decade. Among his accomplishments are:

Dan was one of the first marketers to forecast that the web will become mobile – and he made a fortune as a pioneer in mobile marketing.

Amazon wizard, with $300 million in Amazon sales. Again, he recognized the future of commerce and jumped in early.

The marketing genius behind The Secret – yep, the one shown on Oprah and described by ABC as “the greatest case study of viral marketing ever done”. Dan was the one who developed the first internet marketing plan for it.

Dan is an expert at seeing emerging trends and then identifying the most powerful and simple methods to capitalize on those trends.

THE PLAN (Dan Hollings)

THE PLAN’s Use of Crypto Volatility:

Bitcoin is an extremely volatile market. That implies it has huge price variations from week to week or even day to day. Volatility might be terrifying, but THE PLAN is designed to capitalize on it. It accomplishes this through the use of AI-bots and clever trading algorithms.

Grid Trading is practiced by THE PLAN’s bots, and it strives for recurring small-scale gains by purchasing when expenses are low and selling when costs are high. Each sale may make less than $1, but because the process is automated, it may be performed several times every hour, adding up to substantial revenue.

For traders who are still concerned about what is going on behind the scenes, THE PLAN offers a testing environment where users may test the bots so all of the proven systems.

THE PLAN Review; Complete overview:

Product THE PLAN
Vendor Dan Hollings
Price $3,497 Full Payment
Customer support Excellent
Money-back guarantee 30 days
Recommendation Highly Recommended
Official website >> CLICK HERE <<


  • Minimal active trading is required; this works nicely for people who are always busy.
  • To get started with crypto bots, you don’t need any special skills or expertise.
  • Revenue can be earned from day one, rather than years later.
  • Proven trading tactics that reduce the influence of thoughts and feelings.
  • In an unstable market, this is a low-risk method.
  • Protected against the consequences of market collapses.
  • Cryptocurrency remains in your preferred personal market.


  • It may take some time to become comfortable with automated trading.
  • Bots should be optimized to function properly.

THE PLAN Review; Price:

The Plan is available for a one-time fee of $3,497 or in four installments of $1,000 payments.

THE PLAN Review; Conclusion:

Even though THE PLAN provides for hourly income, yearly returns must also be considered. Some students have made huge profits year after year in a lot volatile, ever-changing market. Those interested in learning more about this fantastic source of passive income should join THE PLAN. I hope this THE PLAN Review has helped you make an informed decision about purchasing this product.

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