TaskAI Review – World’s First AI-Run Fiverr-Like Marketplace!

What is TaskAI?

TaskAI is the only app that instantly creates AI-Run “Fiverr-Like” marketplace that sells AI-Generated services like content writing, copywriting, images, chatbots, audios, voiceover, translation, videos, and more. It also finds & closes clients, processes all orders & collects payment round the clock while you sleep!

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TaskAI Review; Features:

AI-Run Freelance Site Builder:

Create a fully automated AI-Powered freelance site that sells AI services, closes clients, take orders & collects payment in one click. And do all the heavy lifting for you.

Preloaded With 100s Of In-Demand Gig Listings:

Your TaskAI freelancing site is already prefilled with hundreds of different gigs. These are ultra-lucrative gigs that are in demand, and people will happily fork over hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands for them.

Custom Branding:

TaskAI would quickly lose its appeal if all the sites had the same branding. That’s why they include custom, unique branding for each person who purchases TaskAI. Everyone will be amazed at your site, thinking you went through so many headaches to put it together. When in reality, TaskAI did all the work for you. 

AI Leads Finder:

Use this to find every single business lead there is available in the world that needs services like Content Creation, Copywriting, Ads Copy, Video Script, etc. Just enter a few details. All the data you need for each lead is made available to you as well. From Name, physical address, email addresses, phone numbers, website & ratings too!

AI Broadcasts:

Send unlimited custom messages to hundreds of thousands of leads, all with a click of a button. Once TaskAI finds the email of your leads, you can easily contact them with one single click! Then just choose from the email templates or let AI write one for you and hit send!

Campaign Manager:

With the Global Business Lead Finder, you’re going to have a lot of leads. So with this option, you can keep track of all the potential leads you want to work with. This will keep you organized, save you time, and you can reach out to them with various service offerings later.

Client Calendar: 

This option helps you with detailed tracking of project deadlines, meetings with potential clients, and more. Plus you’ll also be able to use it to manage all your outsourcing needs which will help automate your recurring income.  

AI Delivers The Gigs For You:

You don’t even have to deliver the gigs yourself! They have combined the power of Google & Microsoft billion-dollar AI technology, which can fulfill your orders in just seconds, stunning your customers with freaky fast order delivery.

Stunning, Sleek Templates:

Maintain a professional image by choosing from one of the multiple sexy-looking templates. They shelled out thousands of dollars to pay the best designers out there, to put together these templates. You get them for 100% free, when you grab a copy of TaskAI, without having to buy any upsells or pay extra fees.

Blazing Fast Hosting:

100% free, blazing-fast hosting not only will help you save more money, but it will also speed up loading times on your site and keep customers more satisfied. Which means, even more money in your pocket.

Easy To Use Interface:

Nothing turns people off more than an ugly, confusing, hard-to-use interface. They made these freelancing sites easy to use for anyone, regardless of their technical experience. This will help you retain customers that come, so they continue ordering gigs.

1-Click Logo Generator:

Make your store unique by using our 1-click logo generator. Just you need one click to generate a logo design! You get a professional, ready-to-use logo.

Mobile Optimized Sites:

More people are using cell phones now than actual computers! And the number of mobile users will only continue to grow. They made perfect the design of these freelancing sites on not just desktop, but also mobile as well.

Works On All Browsers:

Not only is mobile design important, but it’s also different in that a site is optimized for all browsers. A site could work fine on Chrome, but not on Firefox, or Safari. This tiny, yet huge issue can cost you a lot of money. So we spared no effort in optimizing these freelancing sites for every browser, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, and others.

Optimized For Speed:

They optimize these sites for the fastest speeds possible. They do this with lazy loading images, CDNs, and minified code.

TaskAI dashboard
TaskAI sites

TaskAI Review; Benefits:

  • “Fiverr-Like” AI-run marketplace.
  • While you sleep, AI finds and closes clients, processes all orders, and collects payment.
  • With a single click, you can launch your own Fiverr-style service marketplace.
  • AI will serve as your automatic service provider around the clock.
  • These freelancing sites rank automatically on Google, giving you instant free traffic.
  • Use AI to find business leads willing to pay $1,000s for your AI services.
  • Provide 100s of different services using AI without any expertise.
  • Anyone with no technical skills or experience can do this.
  • Money-back guarantee for 180 days.
TaskAI content
TaskAI Images

Services TaskAI can provide:

  • Logo Creation
  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • Write Ebooks
  • Website Design
  • Programming
  • Code Debugging
  • Web Apps
  • Article Writing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Audio & Voiceovers
  • Transcription Services


  • Create enticing, SEO-friendly content that boosts people’s Google rankings.
  • Create jaw-dropping websites for which people would gladly pay top dollar.
  • Create irresistible emails to increase your client’s clickthrough rates.
  • Create high-converting landing pages for your customers.
  • Make money by optimizing websites for speed.
  • Quickly produces unique, best-selling e-books.
  • TaskAI allows you to create high-converting sales funnels in only a few clicks.


  • No cons found so far.

TaskAI Review; Complete overview:

VendorSeun Ogundele
Launch date and timeJune 09th @09:00 am EST 2023.
Front End Price$17
Customer supportExcellent
Money-back guarantee180 days
RecommendationHighly Recommended
Official website>> CLICK HERE <<

TaskAI Review; Price and upsells:

  • TaskAI FE – $17 
  • OTO1: TaskAI Unlimited – $47 
  • OTO2: TaskAI Done For You – $297 
  • OTO3: TaskAI Automation – $47
  • OTO4: TaskAI Income Multiplier – $67 
  • OTO5: TaskAI Limitless Buyer Traffic – $67 
  • OTO6: TaskAI Copy N Paste Affiliate profits – $47 
  • OTO7: TaskAI No Computer Payday – $67
  • OTO8: TaskAI  Franchise Rights – $197
  • OTO9: TaskAI DFY Profit Site – $47

Vendor bonuses:

  • TaskAI Mobile App Builder
  • TaskAI SEO Optimizer
  • VidMeet
  • TaskAI Social Proof
  • AIKit – WordPress AI Writer

TaskAI Review; Conclusion:

TaskAI identifies which businesses want your services immediately. Once you’ve compiled a list of businesses in need of your assistance, the AI broadcast writes & sends out mail that closes the sale for you. Once clients submit their purchase, the AI will process, deliver and collect the payment!

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