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What is ShortsAI?

ShortsAI is a potent tool that combines an extensive information product with cutting-edge software technology. The training covers everything from short video concepts to strategies and tips on how to build a list in just a few hours per day. In this ShortsAI Review, we will discuss all its features and benefits to make you understand how effective this tool is to create short videos effortlessly.

The smartphone app replaces costly video equipment and allows you to create engaging videos in minutes. The AI system generates a video script that you can read from an integrated teleprompter.

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Name – Neil Napier

He is well-known for his work as a software developer, online marketer, and product developer. Among his previous successful products are EZLocal, Local Leader, AgencyScale, SurvAI, Content Gorilla,  SyndRanker,  PoweSuite, 4brand, ClickVio, Membervio, Coursium, RoyalStock, Gotraffic agency & agency kit, Gotraffic commercial, Viddle, bCast Suite, VidProposals, and others.

Nail Napier

Why ShortsAI?

  • Short videos can help you grow your YouTube channel by increasing visibility and reach, improving engagement and interaction, increasing monetization opportunities, and increasing brand recognition.
  • Use your smartphone to create professional-looking short videos while reading from a teleprompter and effortlessly explode your lead generation.
  • Using short videos, you can showcase your brand personality, leave a lasting impression on your target audience, drive engagement, and reach a larger audience on social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook (coming soon), Pinterest, and Instagram.
  • Earn money by monetizing YouTube and affiliate marketing – earn money from views and clicks, or promote products and services and earn commissions.
  • From product demonstrations and customer testimonials to how-to tutorials and generating interest and excitement for new product launches. Short videos can help local businesses engage with their target audience in a memorable and effective way.
ShortsAI dashboard

ShortsAI Review; Features:

Allow the AI to write your script:

There’s no need to memorize lines because you’ll always know what to say next. Stop mumbling and say it clearly with ShortsAI. Create the video script in one click and then start the camera with the built-in ShortsAI prompter.

Compatible with both Apple and Android devices:

Join the thousands of satisfied video creators who use the leading short video-making app for Android, iPhone, and iPad. ShortsAI works flawlessly on both Mac and Windows without requiring a paid subscription. This makes it simple to access the app from the web.

Sync desktop and mobile applications:

You can switch between your desktop and phone at any time. Make a video on the fly or from the convenience of your home. ShortsAI is available at all times and from any location.

Silence is automatically removed:

You no longer need to be concerned about embarrassing long pauses while videoing your video content. ShortsAI includes automatic noise filtering technology. Your voice will be flawless. There’s no need to edit and fix the audio before attempting to match it to the video.

Teleprompter that can be customized:

Adjust your video teleprompter to fit your shooting style. Set the display size, portrait or landscape alignment, required speaking speed, and other preferences.

Excellent Customer Service and Training:

Get exclusive access to video training material as well as customer support from their team of professionals for any questions you may have.

ShortsAI Review; Benefits:

  • The mobile and desktop app transforms your smartphone into a lead generation machine.
  • Simple to use and suitable for beginners.
  • On-demand production of high-quality videos.
  • Using a simple prompt, the built-in AI writes the script.
  • Teleprompter – Read the script while recording the video.
  • Automatic pause removal – the app removes silence from video automatically.
  • The app is available in both Android and iOS versions, allowing you to use your mobile camera.
  • Use a webcam; they have a webcam version too.
  • Share your videos on Facebook and YouTube.
  • For a limited time, make a one-time payment.
ShortsAI steps

Watch the official demo video below:

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  • ShortsAI allows you to easily create stunning videos.
  • Say hello to effortless video creation.
  • Convert your smartphone into a video-making machine.
  • Save money and get professional results with short videos – all you need is your smartphone.
  • Take your video marketing to the next level by recording on the go.
  • Make video creation easy and accessible at any time and from any location.
  • Make short professional-quality videos with your smartphone.
  • Make a big impression with brief videos.
  • Improve your video game without hiring a pro.
  • Expand your list with entertaining and engaging short videos.
  • With short video magic, you can capture your audience’s attention.
  • Take your business to the next level with TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube short video magic.
  • Increase your earnings by monetizing short videos on YouTube.
  • Make money through affiliate marketing by creating short videos.
  • Make money by collaborating with brands and creating short video-sponsored content.
  • Increase your YouTube channel’s traffic, views, and sales for free.
  • In half the time, you can create engaging and viral YouTube Shorts.


  • No cons found so far.
ShortsAI video
ShortsAI video
ShortsAI video

ShortsAI Review; Complete overview:

VendorNeil Napier
Launch date and timeFeb 23rd @11:00 am EST 2023.
Front End Price$37
Customer supportExcellent
Money back guarantee14 days
RecommendationHighly Recommended
Official website>> CLICK HERE <<

ShortsAI Review; Price and upsells:

FE – ShortsAI Elite ($37)

Module1 – Advanced Short Video Concepts:

  • Discover how to use storytelling to produce effective videos.
  • Coming up with ideas/concepts for your niche
  • Recognize the significance of lighting and other aspects of shooting

Module2: Improving Your Short Videos:

  • Become acquainted with the platforms and their specific guidelines.
  • Repurposing content across platforms.
  • Effective content planning and scheduling.

Module3 – Using Your Shorts to Generate Leads:

  • How to persuade people to provide you with their email addresses.
  • Providing the best lead magnet for your niche.
  • What should you do with that emails (email automation).

Module4: Making Money With Your Shorts:

  • What exactly should you sell?
  • How do you sell low-ticket items?
  • How do you sell high-ticket offers?

Module5: Sowing the Seeds of Long-Term Success:

  • Recognizing the significance of trends and how they can help you profit.
  • Monitoring your results and eliminating what isn’t converting.
  • Discovering what works best in your niche and with your target audience.

OTO1 – ShortsAI UNLIMITED ($197 per year/$297 one-time)

OTO2 – ShortsAI PRO Faceless videos creator ($67 one-time) 

OTO3 – ShortsAI Agency Business Kit ($47 one-time) 

OTO4 – PowrSuite 2.0 ShortsAI Edition ($47 one-time)  

OTO5 – Viidcloud PRO ($67 one-time) 

ShortsAI oto
ShortsAI oto

Vendor bonuses:

  • Making 6-figures with ShortsAI
  • 50+ Easy ways to create videos
  • 1MinuteApp

ShortsAI Review; Conclusion:

ShortsAI is only available at the lowest one-time cost. It’s 2023, and short videos are becoming more popular by the day. You will, without a doubt, require short videos. ShortsAI can thus be a game changer for you.

They have also included a 14-day money-back guarantee. Make a few stunning short videos and observe your audience’s reaction. If you are not satisfied and believe you can create better short videos on your own, send them a message and they will refund your entire purchase price.

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