Logii Review – Powerful Multi-Login & Anti-Detect Browser With Agency Rights.


Logii is a browser designed specifically for marketing. It allows you to safely handle many accounts and logins by hiding each identity from the others in its own virtual space. In this Logii Review We’ll go over what it does, who it’s for, how much it costs, what the upsells are, and the benefits and drawbacks of this new product. so you can make a more informed decision about buying it.

Because of a few bad elements, promoting your business online is getting increasingly challenging. You might have your ad accounts suspended, limiting your reach and messaging on practically every social media platform.

If you lose your account or access to a platform, it’s practically impossible to reclaim it because the site’s browser tracking mechanisms shut down new accounts as soon as they’re opened.

The only option is to use a multi-account and multi-login browser, which will prevent huge sites from identifying you and enable you to do multi-account advertising without difficulty. That is the reason Logii comes into play, this is a Multi-Login and Anti-Detect Browser.

The platform is a perfect substitute for several PCs or virtual private servers (VPSs), which many advertisers have been pushed to utilize as a bad, slow, and costly option.

Logii Browser offers complete privacy, complete security, and avoids browser tracking, as well as the ability to work with numerous accounts on the same machine.

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Name – Cyril Gupta.

He is a well-known online entrepreneur and best seller with over ten years of experience. He has previously produced worldwide hits such as SellitPicsPostifluence, Adplify, CloudFunnels, CourseFunnels, Webinarloop, Mailengine, and many others.

Cyril Gupta

Why it is required for your business?

  • You can run advertisements from several accounts.
  • Multi-Account marketing can be done safely. On all social networking sites, forum sites, and blog sites, you are completely protected.
  • Don’t waste money on VPSs that are slow and pricey. Secure multi-login browsing is available directly on your PC.
  • Multi-login marketing can help you grow your business and make money. For yourself or your clients, you can launch multi-login and multi-account campaigns.
  • Each browser profile you create in Logii has its own independent browser window with separate cookies, local storage, and even cache. Some other accounts have nothing in common with you. Sites that try to identify your browser and harm your business can no longer do so.

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Logii Review; Features and benefits:

  • Geo-data security.
  • IP Protection.
  • Different Cookies in each account.
  • Language Identity.
  • Audio Identity Protection.
  • Anti-detection of time zones.
  • Set up a custom resolution.
  • Anti-Detection for WebGL.
  • Uniquifier for IndexedDB.
  • A self-contained environment.
  • Supports up to ten accounts running at the same time.
  • Each id has its own browsing environment that is completely separate.
  • Easily share accounts with the team without having to provide passwords.
  • All crucial browser factors are within your control.
  • Secure browsing with many accounts at once.
  • Requirements for low bandwidth and memory.
  • Easy-to-use UI with well-known utilities.
  • Support for multiple proxies per account.
  • Easy-to-use browser with all of the expected functionality.
  • Install on up to three machines at once.
  • A browser that complies with industry standards and is up to date.
  • On your own network or through a proxy, browsing is quick and effortless.
  • Works with all paid and free proxy servers across the world.
  • Best suitable for internet marketers that want to execute social media marketing across multiple accounts.
  • Perfect for agencies that run campaigns for their clients and want to ensure that each client is safe and has his own room to work in.
  • Perfect for group marketing on Facebook without getting banned.
  • Powerful browser features, including Chrome Extension support.
  • By combining commercial proxies, you can log in from any country.
  • Without getting banned, you can run advertising from several ad accounts.
  • Saves time since any repetitive work can be automated.
  • Offers a simple interface for both pros and newbies.
  • Anti-fingerprint features.

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Logii Review; Complete overview:

Product Logii 
Vendor Cyril Gupta
Front End Price $42
Money-back guarantees 30 days
Customer support Excellent
Recommendation Highly Recommended
Official website >> CLICK HERE <<

How and where you can use it?

E-commerce: You can set up many merchant accounts on different eCommerce platforms or on the same one. You can perform all of this from a single computer using separate browser profiles. As a result, you’ll have a better possibility of selling things, which reduces business risks.

SMM: Work with hundreds of social media accounts at once and optimize your marketing plan using social media marketing.

Web scraping: Logii virtual profiles allow you to complete web scraping jobs more quickly. This is due to the fact that virtual profiles utilize limited resources.

Advertising Analysis: compare and analyze the advertising effectiveness of profiles from various geo-locations.

Price comparison: You can compare the prices of retail products in different geo-locations as a customer or vendor.

Self-testing: You can use the same computer to test the security and privacy of your computer. It will appear as if you are using a separate computer when you use a virtual profile.

Trademark Protection: Monitor and prevent unauthorized use of your brand.

Affiliate marketing: You can set up many ad accounts to run multiple campaigns to maximize your chances of making money as an affiliate marketer.


  • It’s simple to use.
  • There are no difficulties.
  • 100% newbie-friendly and simple-to-use software.
  • Includes effective training.
  • Includes one-time accounts and agency rights.
  • There are no recurring fees.


  • No cons found so far.

Logii Review; Price and upsells:

Logii Browser Elite month-on-month – $31

Logii Browser Elite One-Time – $42

Upgrad1: Logii Pro – $97-$127

Logii Pro is a powerful update that adds amazing features to Logii.

Upgrad2: Logii Agency – $127-$197

You can sell Logii and keep all of the revenue.

Upgrad3: Adplify Pro – $67

A 7-in-1 platform to help you execute more effective Facebook advertisements. Improved targeting, competitor tracking, and more are all available.

Upgrad4: SellitPics Pro + Mighty Memes Pro – $67

Create hyper-personalized visual messages that are sent automatically, and use powerful meme marketing to go viral.

Upgrad5: Add response + Leads2list – $67

Remove bad comments from your website and collect leads from Facebook to boost your sales.

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Logii Review; Conclusion:

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Logii review. I sincerely hope that benefited you in your purchase decision.

There has been plenty of multi-login and anti-detection browser software in the past, but none that makes the procedure as easy and quick as Logii. It’s remarkably bug-free, and it’s loaded with some pretty great features.

The best thing is that you don’t just get the tool when you buy Logii, you also get the roadmap. They’ll show you how to use Logii to entice your audience to buy from you. Every buyer receives the training because it is bundled with the front-end.

Also, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. Purchase Logii Elite and try it risk-free for up to 30 days. If you don’t like what it does for you and your business, let them know through a support ticket within 30 days and they will give you a full refund.

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