Entre Blueprint Review (Jeff Lerner) – Is this Legit?


Entre Institute offers online business education, consultation, and training. The program was created by Jeff Lerner. In this Entre Blueprint Review, we will look at how successful it is for online business growth. So, before purchasing this Enter Institute training program, read this review article.

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What is Entre Institute?

Jeff’s Entre Blueprint is a process that teaches people about topics like affiliate marketing and eCommerce while also assisting them in starting their own successful and profitable businesses. The Entre Blueprint’s goal is to assist people in creating digital assets that will generate higher returns in the long run.

The Entre Institute provides online training for anyone wanting to learn how to generate money online. Some individuals argue that Entre Institute is a fraud, Nah! I don’t think so. Instead, the training is precious for online success.

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Entre Blueprint Review; Vendor:

Entre Institute was founded and is led by Jeff Lerner. He established many businesses worth 6 and 7 figures, ranging from internet marketing to assisting other firms in growing. He built a network of people that support each other in his Entre Nation Facebook group.

Jeff has built a number of significant internet businesses that generate millions of dollars in income each year over the previous ten years.

He is well-known in the local internet business field, having trained over 150K individuals on the appropriate way to live and build their own lucrative businesses from the scratch.

Jeff explains how the appropriate knowledge and attitude may assist you in living your awesome life. He went from poverty to becoming a successful company entrepreneur.

After focusing his life on the three Ps of Competence – Physical, Personal, and Professional – Jeff shifted his attention to educating and motivating businesses. Jeff Lerner, the founder of Entre Institute, has created a framework to assist people in growing in their personal and professional life.

Entre Institute Review

What is Entre Blueprint?

Entre Blueprint is designed to be the front-end product of the whole Entre Institute pack. The Entre Blueprint costs $39 only. The Entre Blueprint is a 6-step method to change your life. 

All of these six processes are quite simple and may be simply obtained from different internet sources. If you want to get the full training, you’ll have to keep increasing your subscription until you gain access to the entire program.

The “3 Ps” of a Beautiful Life:

It all comes down to mindset, and Jeff will show you how to have a fantastic personal, professional, and physical living. A positive mindset will assist you in retaining your focus in the future.

Three Pillars of Effective Action:

Jeff will provide a session about community, strategy, and belief, which are said to be the foundations for effective action.

The Three Stages of Building a Foundation:

Jeff will just indoctrinate you with lectures about strength, development, and wealth.

Affiliate marketing.

To build a long-term business with affiliate marketing, you must invest time and effort in learning and using certain skills.


Profitable Stores Without the Hassle of a Physical Location. Jeff simply explains why e-commerce is superior to conventional offline businesses.

Digital Consulting:

Creating Consistent, Financially sustainable, and Sellable Cash Flow from Online Skills. In the final phase, you will discover how to launch your own digital consulting firm and start generating money online.

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  • You will receive intensive coaching; this is not like any other online training program, and the content is valuable.
  • The initial investment in Entre Institute is quite low. The basic course costs $39 to enroll in.
  • Entre Institute has a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • The program is flexible; with just a few hours every day, you may enter the world of making money online.
  • If you are a first-time investor in online learning, this is an excellent opportunity to establish your own online business. 
  • The step by Step Course design allows you to get started quickly and holds you ready for success.


  • High-priced upsells After you finish the front end, there are multiple costly upsells.
  • The refund policy is a little confusing.
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Is Entre Institute legit?

Jeff Lerner’s Entre Institute is an excellent product, and Entre Blueprint is absolutely legit and not a scam.

The best part about this coaching program is that it is available to everyone, regardless of prior expertise with internet marketing. This online training course is highly recommended if you want to make money online in a long run.

Who is this for?

  • People looking for a long-term online business opportunity.
  • Those that desire to become internet businesses.
  • Entrepreneurs who wish to master the skill of making money online.
  • Affiliate marketers that wish to increase their affiliate revenues.
  • Owners of e-commerce businesses that desire to extend their business.

* * This is not a push button make money online software. For people who want to get success overnight, the program is not for them.

Entre Blueprint Review; Price and upsells:

  • Entre Blueprint (Front End) – $39 one-time cost.
  • Entre Nation Elite – $49/mo or $348/year.
  • Entre Institute Digital – $1997 one time
  • Entre Institute Results – $15,000/year
  • Entre Institute Inner Circle – $29,999/year

What exactly will you get inside the front end?

  • The Success Path Masterclass + 90-Day Launch Plan Training.
  • The Success Roadmap + Action Plan.
  • 1-on-1 Success Advisor Coaching Call.
  • ENTRE Way Doctrine.
  • ENTRE Nation Community. 
  • Income Jumpstart Training. 
  • Awesome Life Challenge. 
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Vendor bonuses:

  • The Entre success strategy + action plan ( $97 value).
  • Call a success advisor ($299 value).
  • The Entre way doctrine to copy and paste the attitude of millionaires into all facets of your life ($49 value).
  • The Entre nation community, where thousands of like-minded entrepreneurs exchange insights and help one another in expanding their businesses ($175 value).
  • The Income Jumpstart Training will equip you to assist other new businesses while generating an ROI on the successful path fast-track package during your first week ($247 value).
  • Immediate access to the amazing life challenge to create your business around your life rather than letting your business control your life ($199 Value).

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Entre Blueprint Review; Conclusion: 

Establishing a lucrative and sustainable online business is a challenging and time-consuming process. You may encounter challenges if you do not understand how to handle an internet business.

This training program will show you how to make the process of starting an internet company as simple as possible. The Entre Blueprint Training Course motivates you to use particular marketing methods and inspires you with real-world examples.

That’s all about Entre Blueprint Review. Finally, I believe that the Entre Blueprint Training Program is a useful guide for anyone starting a new internet business.

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