WOW Blaster Review – An application to solve messaging solutions for your business.

What is WOW Blaster?

Follow-ups to your prospects are always an important factor to convert them into paid customers. For example, if you are having a webinar or a live event, follow-ups are mandatory. So, definitely, you are dealing with volumes in this case and you don’t like to follow up on them manually. Because this is a huge work. For following up with people, some marketers use SMS marketing. But SMS marketing has various drawbacks. SMS are restricted to limited characters per message and the response rate is very less as compared with WhatsApp. Images can’t be sent through SMS and it’s costly. WOW Blaster doubles the effectiveness of SMS and reduces recurring expenses. 

This is the reason WOW Blaster comes into the play. WOW Blaster is an application to solve messaging solutions for your business. This is required to broadcast your messages to your multiple leads and useful for business owners, marketers, and agents. This is a must-have tool to keep in touch with your existing customer database. 

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Why must you use WOW Blaster?

  • This can boost your sales.
  • Increase your show-up rates.
  • Get more engagement.
  • Automate follow-up process.
  • And more.

To grow your business through WhatsApp marketing WOW Blaster is just amazing. The best part of this software is you can double your sales without putting in hard work or any extra effort. 

In today’s marketplace, most marketers and business owners face a common problem, that is getting attention. There are various goods, software, and services that are not an economic good. That means it’s becoming a scarce commodity. People are not going to rely on an email only. 

This software is especially for which people? 

  • Internet marketers.
  • Webinar presenters.
  • Speakers.
  • Coaches.
  • Consultants.
  • Trainers.
  • Salespersons.
  • Agents.
  • Agencies

Basically, this software is for those peoples who want to increase engagement with their prospects and grow sales.

3 easy steps to use the software:

Step 1 – Just upload your phone number list.

Step 2 – Compose your message.

Step 3 – Send it.

These simple 3 steps can be done through desktop, laptop, or smartphone.


  • Possible to follow up with your existing customer or prospect.
  • Increasing sales is easy.
  • Possible to save lots of sales and abandoned carts.
  • Boost show-up rates for webinars.
  • Increase participation rates for live events.
  • Sign up clients to your programs.
  • Conduct surveys.

WOW Blaster has more creative use if you follow WhatsApp policies. Keep in mind, don’t do anything spammy. 


I don’t find any cons so far.

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WOW Blaster Review

Name – Edmund Loh.

Owner of Musemancer SDN BHD.

Location – Malaysia.

Mr. Edmund Loh is an Internet Marketing Consultant. He has published various digital products since 2005. He has a very good reputation in the market for his products.


The interface is extremely easy and user-friendly.

WOW Blaster Review


WOW Blaster Review

Few amazing features of WOW Blaster:

  • You can add contacts manually or can import files to add contacts in bulk.
  • Whatsapp bulk messages can be sent with a single click.
  • Personalization of messages is possible.
  • Possible to attach multiple files within individual messages sent to contacts.
  • Option to save multiple WhatsApp accounts to avoid scanning QR codes every time.
  • After sending the bulk message, it is possible to get an auto-generated detailed report. 
  • Can grab the contact numbers from the group you joined. Possible to add those contacts to your sender list.
  • Scheduling of messages is possible. That means you can control the interval between each message sent to contacts. 
  • There is a Sleep function available before reactivating the process of sending messages again.
  • There are two options you can choose between “typing feel” and “text inject”
  • You can choose only those numbers that have a WhatsApp account, filter them before adding them to your contact list.


Why is WhatsApp marketing smarter than SMS marketing? Watch the comparison below…


Points Whatsapp SMS
Total character limit. No limit 160 characters only.
Recurring cost per message. No cost $0.15 per SMS (USA)
Can send images? Yes No
Can send videos? Yes No
Message sending scheduling. possible Not possible
Response rate  40% Less than 20%
Need message template approval? No Yes
Both way communications Yes Depends on the service provider.
Can message internationally? Yes Depends on the service provider.

So, WhatsApp marketing obviously is a smarter choice. Also, WOW Blaster makes it super effective. You don’t need to do any manual work to send WhatsApp messages. WOW Blaster will save lots of your time and money.

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  • WOW Blaster – Main (1 License) – $37.00
  • OTO 1 – WOW Blaster – PRO Upgrade – $67.00
  • OTO 2 – WOW Blaster – PRO (Save $25) – $42.00
  • OTO 3 – WOW Blaster – Reseller Licensing Deal – $97.00
  • OTO 4 – WOW Blaster – Main (3 Licenses) – $47.00


If you Sign up now, you will get fast action bonuses.

WOW Blaster Review


WOW Blaster Review


Is WOW Blaste worth buying? Final conclusion:

As per my opinion, this software is super useful for any business person. This will definitely increase sales, sign-ups, registration for your offer, and promos. This is going to increase show-up rates for live and automated webinars. Also, help to increase show-up rates for seminars and live events.

WOW Blaster will boost your customer engagement and help you to increase 2-way response with customers. Overall this software is awesome. So, take fast action and make your business graph upward. 

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