The Crisis Code Review – Earn while all businesses are in a downturn in the Crisis of the economy.

The Crisis Code method teaches how Kenny made a profitable business last year for his FB ad agency. So, in this method, there is a complete solution on how to survive and make a profitable business when the whole world is in a Crisis. 

Every business person faces this Crisis situation or downturn in recent times. For any service business, you can’t move or grow until you collect proper leads or prospects. Inside the Crisis Code, you will learn a lead source, and that is 100% free.

You will start getting leads from US governments absolutely for free. Don’t worry! The system works anywhere in the world. You need to offer your prospects, services that they are looking for in this crisis situation. 

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Name – Kenny Cannon.

Location – New York, NY.

He is an experienced online marketer and product creator.

The Crisis Code Review

What will you learn inside this course?

  • How to destroy all the competition by the unique positioning.
  • Unique and free lead source, those are pre-qualified.
  • The exact service to offer and how to fulfill it within a few minutes.
  • The exact procedure of closing deals without rejection.
  • And many more things.


  • The leads are super qualified and 100% free.
  • Works all over the world.
  • The buyers you will get from the US government.
  • Copy & paste the method.
  • Complete newbie-friendly.
  • Very easy to convert the lead.
  • Get quick results.
  • No need for an email list.
  • Cold calling is not required.
  • No need to search or generate leads.
  • No need to be a technical geek.
  • Can earn up to $1500 per month per client.
  • Only need to spend an hour a day in front of the computer.
  • Learn new tricks of making money that has never been seen before.

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Total 9 modules inside the course:

Module 1 – Blue Ocean Positioning: 

This is a unique positioning tactic to learn how to stand separate in the crowd. 

Module 2 – Crisis Niche Selection: 

In this module, you will learn how to select an audience that will be profitable in the short and long term.

Module 3 – Get free government leads:

Here you will learn how to get free government leads. Get access to over 10 million leads absolutely for free.

Module 4 – Service to offer:

You will learn two simple services. Both are easy and anyone can do it easily. You just need to set up once.

Module 5 – The Capture Device:

This capture device will send you some referrals. Just need to set up basic capture devices for a business for quick results.

Module 6 – Prospecting:

This is a process of convincing people from “I don’t know you” to “ok, I will listen”. In this method, you will be able to bring hundreds of leads per day.

Module 7 – Closing The Deal:

You will find the exact script that will close your deal.

Module 8 – Providing – Turning Customers into fans:

You will get the paying customer who will love your service. So, they will become your lifetime customer.

Module 9 – Daily list building:

You will learn your daily action plan to build a list. 

Price details:

The Crisis Code Main Offer – $17.00

TCC DFY Sales 1 – $47.00

TCC DFY Sales 2 – $27.00

TCC Local Appointment Secrets – $77.00

TCC Partners – $97.00

TCC Partners 2 – $67.00

TCC Local Appointment Secrets 2 – $47.00

The Crisis Code Special – $7.00


The Crisis Code Review

Is this really worth money? Final conclusion.

Absolutely, this is a completely new method of earning money in an economic crisis situation. The best part is you will get qualified leads from the government completely for free. Also, you will learn how to convert the leads and how to convert them.

Purchasing The Crisis Code is completely risk-free as there is a 30 days money-back guarantee. If you feel that this course is not useful, you can claim a refund by just sending an email to them. They will refund the full amount within 30 days from your purchase date. So, overcome the crisis situation and learn and earn in a new way.  

  Visit The Crisis Code Official Page

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