ProfitVibe Review – Start Your Own Music Streaming Service.


You can launch your own music service with ProfitVibe, a brand-new alternative to Spotify. Unlimited music streaming while charging others for access. You can learn about all the features and advantages of the product in this ProfitVibe review, which will help you decide whether to buy it. Therefore, before buying ProfitVibe, read this article.

Three simple steps to start with ProfitVibe:

  • Begin your own streaming service by logging into ProfitVibe. Hosting is included, and 100M+ songs, albums, artists, playlists, and music videos are all automatically uploaded and updated every day. There is nothing for you to set up or configure.
  • On ProfitVibe, you may listen to music without ever having to pay. It’s time to stop paying for Apple Music or Spotify.
  • ProfitVibe can be monetized by selling affiliate offers and access to others. There are already built-in subscription and one-time charge user accounts ready for you to sell, along with extra monetization through ads & affiliate offerings.
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Name – Mike McKay, Radu, and Calin.

They are experts in product development and online marketing. The following are examples of prior, effective products: ProfitShortz, ProfitBook, ProfitTweet,  NFTVerse, ProfitVoice, ProfitFunnelz,  Chat4Kash, ProfitBotz,  Photon,  ProfitNFT, Kash4Watching, Profitblidr, Kash4Crypto, ProfitCell,  ProfitContent, ProfitGram, ProfitVideo, ProfitContact, ProfitWriter, Profit Prime, ProfitHub, ProfitApp, ProfitSend, ProfitSite, TrafficCrush, ProfitSuite, etc. 

Mike McKay

ProfitVibe Review; Features:

  • Create your own music streaming service on the cloud.
  • With no ads and no fees, you may listen to more than 100 million songs at any time.
  • Offer others access for a one-time fee or a subscription.
  • Unlimited playlists, unlimited music videos, and unlimited streaming built-in lyrics.
  • Unlimited skips, no fees, and no advertisements.
  • More songs and music are continuously added.
  • Cancel your subscriptions to Apple Music and Spotify.
  • Use built-in ads, affiliate offers, or sell access to monetize.
  • Apple pays you to aid in its Spotify crushing.
  • This one-time software sells itself.
  • Unlimited skips are available while listening to any song.
  • Absolutely newbie friendly
  • Free traffic on autopilot from social media with one click.
  • No technical experience or skills are required.
  • No monthly charges.
  • White-glove support is available around-the-clock.
  • All the work has been done for you.

ProfitVibe Review; Benefits:

  • No need for a domain or hosting.
  • Make premium or free plans with Ads.
  • New encryption for maximum privacy and security.
  • Utilize the built-in admin dashboard to manage your own users and music.
  • For unlimited traffic, share your website on various social media platforms.
  • Create perfect landing pages.
  • All-in-one software that has been proven to make money online.
  • They have thoroughly tested ProfitVibe and found one of the best music streaming solutions.
  • Cutting-edge technology for the highest level of performance and security.
  • ProfitVibe will provide the best music streaming experience for your customers.

Why you should grab it?

  • Completely cloud-based Spotify killer.
  • Everything is unlimited, including albums, songs, and artists.
  • Put Ads on songs like Spotify.
  • To Its built-in traffic, promote your own offer.
  • Gain apple music commissions for each streamed song with Unlimited sharing options.
  • Simple social media sharing.
  • Your music streaming website is created using a 1-click process.
  • A 99% uptime guarantee is achieved through a lightning-fast server.
  • Just a single one-time payment.
  • No monthly charges
  • Including top-notch video tutorials and more
  • Perfect for offline, online, affiliates, and everyone.
  • Complete user-friendly software for beginners.
  • Offer this amazing service to your clients with full commercial rights.
  • Assure your customers have the best software experience.
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  • Automatically add millions of tracks from each artist.
  • streaming is free and unlimited.
  • several playlists.
  • Offer access for sale or for free.
  • Ads, affiliate products, and subscriptions can all be used to monetize.
  • Lyrics included.
  • Music videos included.


  • There are various upsells that exist. But, the front end can work independently. 

ProfitVibe Review; Complete overview:

VendorMike McKay, Radu, and Calin.
Launch date and timeOct 20th @11:00 am EST 2022.
Front End Price$17
Customer supportExcellent
Money-back guarantee30 days
RecommendationHighly Recommended
Official website>> CLICK HERE <<

Watch the official demo video below:

ProfitVibe Review; Price and upsells:

Front end ProfitVibe $17

Front end ProfitVibe DS $15

Upgrade1 Pro $36.93

Upgrade2 Pro DS $26.93

Upgrade3 DFY $36.93

Upgrade4 DFY DS $26.93

Upgrade5 Reseller $197

Upgrade6 Reseller DS $97

Upgrade7 IMX $97

Upgrade8 IMX DS $67

ProfitVibe Review; Conclusion:

You may cancel your music subscriptions with ProfitVibe. It’s a remarkable offer where prices are increasing daily. You will feel a great sense of comfort knowing that you have a less monthly cost to pay, and the service is really better than other monthly recurring tools.

That’s all about ProfitVibe Review. Additionally, they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee. Contact their helpful support service desk to get a hassle-free refund if, in the unusual event you experience any technical problems that they are unable to resolve right away.

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