Product Dyno Review (Lifetime Deal) – Create and sell memberships, video courses, and digital products.

What is Product Dyno?

Product Dyno is a technology that allows anyone to easily set up and operate their own members-based E-Learning Business. In this Product Dyno Review, we will discuss how effective this tool is for selling your digital products. Thinking about purchasing Product Dyno? Continue reading this article till the end.

ProductDyno is a platform for creating and selling subscriptions, video courses, and digital products. Using such a number of tools to sell digital things is about as effective as carrying ten backpacks on a lone day hike.

Instead of investing time in enhancing your services, you’re stuck switching between applications and hoping your improvised workflow doesn’t get clogged. If only there existed a user-friendly platform that allowed you to easily develop, sell, and manage all of your digital items from one location. This is the reason ProductDyno comes into play.

What exactly can you do with ProductDyno?

  • ProductDyno allows you to develop and sell digital items with rich content like text, music, video, and downloadable files.
  • Choose your digital product from the list of templates, then use the straightforward content builder to develop and edit your content.
  • With a few clicks, you’ll even be able to link your payment processor and other marketing tools at the product level.
  • You may also choose whether to charge for access to your product or make it available for free. In any case, the consolidated dashboard will allow you to see how your products perform.

Product Dyno Review; Features:

  • Module for software/SaaS licensing.
  • Connect individual products or collections to custom domains.
  • Removal of white labeling/branding.
  • SSL certificates at no cost.
  • Uploading files is unrestricted (up to 25 MB).
  • Import members using a CSV file.
  • Connect your personal storage.
  • All present and planned integrations.
  • All of the current standard themes are included.
  • There is no transaction cost.
  • Dashboard for advanced reporting/analytics.
  • ProductDyno may be integrated with your autoresponder, shopping cart, payment platform, mail service, CRM, webhooks, and much more.

Product Dyno Review; Few more features:

  • Unlimited Collections
  • Unlimited Products
  • Member Management
  • Content Management
  • Access Management
  • Domain Management
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Live Editor
  • Multiple-Layered Content Security
  • Reporting & Analysis
  • Host Anywhere
  • Sell Anywhere
  • Checkout Pages
  • Trustable Infrastructure
  • 100% Customization
  • Up-Sell, Down Sell, and Cross Sell
  • Built-in Licensing
  • Custom Emails

Watch the official demo video below:

What is FTM Sites?

FTM stands for “fixed-term membership,” and creating one of these is one of our favorite strategies to boost sales.

If you create a conventional monthly membership site that will last forever, you will deliver new content to your members each month, and they will pay their monthly charge.

The problem is that your members don’t see an end to the site, therefore they leave after three or four months.

A fixed-term membership site differs in that it is set up for a specific period of time – three months, six months, twelve months, and so on.

These are also comparable to ‘split payment’ arrangements, in which instead of paying $500 – $1000 upfront, you allow your consumers to pay you regularly over 6 or 12 months at a specified price.

What is the advantage of this?

Members are more inclined to remain around if they perceive a definite end in sight. Instead of leaving after three months, you may persuade them to stay for six, nine, or more months – whatever your term is.

The point is that people want to finish what they start, which equals more money in their wallets. Another advantage of this strategy is that you can establish a beautiful client email list and promote products on the backend of your membership site.

So, in addition to a flurry of residual subscription payments each month, you may also generate a flurry of new sales. The key is to automate everything so that you are not committed to providing or developing fresh material each month.

How you can do that?

Drip feed it. If you use a platform like ProductDyno, you can set up these sites quickly and schedule content months ahead of time with just a few clicks. Add your new FTM membership offer to your current sales funnels, behind your lead magnets, and link to it from your blog articles or social messaging.  Basically, anywhere you can!

They promise that after you’ve made one site, you’ll want to develop more, and ProductDyno allows you to do so. And, using ProductDyno, you can even clone an existing site and swap out the logos and content to create the next site to profit from.

How to create your course?

Selling access to your own online courses or coaching is one of the greatest subscription billing models with the least amount of ongoing maintenance.

Begin by assessing your own skill set, hobbies, and passions, and then brainstorm methods to create a course that will teach your students one new ability.

Don’t try to cover all aspects of your topic in a single lesson! Instead, provide learners a clear path to accomplishing a single objective or mastering a single key ability, and you’ll have a certain winner on your hands.

Remember that when students pay you for a course, they are paying you for results, not just knowledge. As a result, while developing course material, begin with the intended objective and change direction from there.

Passive revenue from courses might amount to thousands of dollars every month. Best of all, this is a long-term income structure that you can simply increase as you develop additional modules or broaden the scope of your material.

You’ll need to put in some effort at first, but once you’ve established a good foundation for your course, you’ll be able to sit back and earn money!

They have built hundreds of courses, audio, and videos over the years, so they will get right to the point and keep things easy for you.

Steps to produce a course:

Step 1: Confirm your topic concept:

Make sure you’ve done your research to confirm overall demand and offer your course the best chance of success.

Step 2: Make a Course Outline:

Building a course from scratch might take time, but working with an outline can provide you with a solid basis for your training product. It will also assist you in remaining focused while addressing the most crucial aspects required for your student’s achievement.

Step 3: Produce Course Content:

Include at least one video module in your training program and try to give a variety of formats.

Step 4: Give your course a catchy title:

Create a compelling, attention-grabbing title that will stand out in the market while providing students with a clear understanding of what your course is about.

Step 5: Launch your course:

You’ll probably sell access without performing any off-site promotion. However, if you want to optimize your revenue, you need to try your best to connect with your audience and make them aware of your training.

Product Dyno Review; Regular Price:

Product Dyno Review Regular price

There are three types of pricing plans for ProductDyno: Starter, Growth, and Pro Plus. 

The Starter plan costs $99/month. Here you can sell 10 digital products/memberships. 

The Growth plan costs $149/month. Here you can sell 30 digital products/memberships. 

The Pro Plus plan costs $199/month. Here you can sell unlimited products. Also can build unlimited memberships.

Lifetime Deal:

Product Dyno Review Lifetime price

There are three tiers in the lifetime deal: Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3.

Tier1 plan costs $79 one time payment for life, where you will get 1 collection, 10 products, and 3 team members can use it. Tier2 plan costs $159 one time payment for life, where you will get 5 collections, of 30 products, and 10 team members can use it. Tier3 plan costs $239 one time payment for life, where you will get 20 collections, unlimited products and 20 team members can use it.

Product Dyno Review; Conclusion:

That’s all about Product Dyno Review. It makes it quick and simple to create these sites and so much more. It’s the ideal option for anyone selling any type of digital product.

Simply select your digital product from the selection of templates, then use the easy content builder to develop and change your content.

With a few clicks, you’ll even be able to link your payment processor and other marketing tools at the product level. You may also choose whether to charge for access to your product or make it available for free.

In any case, the consolidated dashboard will allow you to see how your products perform. ProductDyno is a digital product seller’s dream come true, with hundreds of sophisticated features and time-saving integrations. The best part is that all future billing will be waived for the life of your account. Don’t miss this opportunity! 

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