Optimus Review – Obtain TikTok Followers and Earn Affiliate Commission.


Optimus is a method with proven outcomes that Philip has been utilizing for months. On a daily basis, he uses Tiktok to gain tons of followers, leads, and sales. The best thing is that it just takes a few minutes to put this together.

We are all aware that traffic is the core of the business. Unfortunately, most techniques take a long time to work. You might end yourself paying thousands of dollars on garbage traffic.

For the first time in over 5 years, anybody can unleash free viral buyer traffic in seconds and utilize it to pocket massive profits. Today, the only way to bank consistent commissions is through laser-targeted offers that payout big.

A Revolutionary new legendary training Optimus is a strong, amazingly simple breakthrough method that makes it easier to bank in large commissions more frequently.

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Three simple steps:

  • Activate.

High ticket offers are hand-picked to maximize commissions & conversions.

  • Connect.

It’s as simple as copying and pasting exactly where we teach you to use the free buyer traffic method.

  • Collect.

You can receive your commissions anytime you choose. Payouts are quick and easy.


Names – Dan Khan and Philip Johansen.

They are a well-known product creator and marketer. Even a few years ago, they were both complete unknowns who tried to make money online.

They understand affiliate marketing and earn 5-6 figures each month as a consequence of their effort and entrepreneurial leadership.

Some of the previous products of the same vendor are Divine Commissions, Warlord Secrets, Pocket Profits, Ticket To Success, Forsaken Traffic, Oromode, 15 Seconds Profit Warrior, etc.

Dan Khan and Philip Johansen

Optimus Review; Features and Benefits:

  • Make big ticket commissions.
  • In just ten minutes a day, you can do this.
  • For success, follow a proven system.
  • Without having to deal with technical bs, and paid advertisements. 
  • The struggling marketers can make money with this system, rather than continually speculating on what might work.
  • Say Goodbye to Hard Work,
  • There are no learning curves.
  • Robust and simple method.
  • Complete over-the-shoulder training.
  • You will unlock a flood of traffic the moment you begin the training.
  • The traffic comes in, and the offers convert into commissions.
  • If you have ten minutes a day to spare, you may be on your way to four-figure commissions.
  • This Effective Results-Based System Optimus is a game-changer.
  • An infinite number of laser-targeted traffic using its exclusive “traffic wormhole” technology.
  • Generate massive commissions that give you the best of both high-paying offers and sky-high conversions.
  • Use it as a profit system on its own for 3-4 figure commissions.
  • Use the traffic secrets to improve the results of any other campaign or business.
  • In either case, you’re set up for irresistible success around the clock with this extremely powerful method.
  • In seconds, you can obtain free laser-targeted traffic.
  • Handpicked high converting offers for this method.
  • You can learn how the TikTok master achieves results.
  • Simply copy and paste your way to success.
  • You could easily, predictably, and quickly convert free traffic into high-paying commissions.
  • Simply by replicating what he did, you could scale up.
  • Have access to a limitless amount of buyer traffic.
  • Consider converting free traffic into multiple-figure income
  • Simply by copying and pasting what the Tiktok Master does.
  • Make three figures in a single day without a product, list, or experience.

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  • Extremely newbie-friendly.
  • With 43,000 followers, it is backed by a true TikTok master.
  • All-in-one solution.
  • Buyer traffic is unlimited.
  • No more investments are required.
  • It only takes seconds.
  • Money-back guarantees for 30 days.


  • There are few upsells that exist.

Optimus Review; Complete overview:

Product Optimus
Vendor Dan Khan and Philip Johansen
Launch date and time April 24th @11:00 am EST 2022.
FE Price $13
Customer support Excellent
Money-back guarantee 30 days
Recommendation Highly Recommended
Official website >> CLICK HERE <<

Optimus Review; Price and upsells:

Front end – Optimus ($12.47).

OTO1 – Pro Version ($37).

Obtain advanced ways to take Tiktok to new heights. Philip will provide you with further training, hacks, and case studies that will immediately improve your results.

OTO2 – DFY ($47).

Why bother making your own posts when you can simply copy all of Philip’s? This upgrade will provide you with 30 Tiktoks that have received at least 100,000 views. You will almost certainly receive thousands of views with minimal effort.

OTO3 – 1.2 Billion Traffic Portal ($47).

Philip will teach you how to get an additional 1.2 billion viral traffic sources without performing any additional work. Simply copy and paste the identical content into another viral traffic software to see your results double.

OTO4 – Reseller rights ($97).

Obtain 100% commissions to Optimus and begin banking in 2x higher commissions. Everyone understands that having a 100% commission is the only way to make money.

Vendor bonuses:

  • Direct access to the TikTok master.
  • Free training on how we made $62,000 in 27 days.
  • Free high ticket training worth $1,997.
  • An unfair advantage in business & life custom training.
  • Instant approval to promote Optimus.

Optimus Review; Conclusion:

That’s all about Optimus Review, get included affiliate offers in terms of conversion. Have your own campaigns up and running in record time. 

Also, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. See for yourself how effective free viral traffic can be. If, in the extremely odd case that you do not receive results, or if you just change your mind, simply let them know by contacting their extremely helpful support team.

They will do everything it takes to resolve any issues you may have, or they will return every penny of your little investment.

   Get Access To Optimus Official Website

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