Motion NFT Maker Review – Make Motion NFT Crypto Art As a Non-Artist.

This is the first-to-market software that uses proprietary CRA AI technology. It helps non-artists to create motion crypto art NFTs with a single click.

This also teaches you how to sell them to collectors, investors, and speculators on eBay-like sites. You can charge them a one-time payment and also receive passive royalties every time your NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is resold on the secondary market for a lifetime.

And, because CRA AI technology handles all of the heavy work, it’s statistically 100% possibility of success to produce worthy products, even if they’ve never produced any art before and have no prior technical knowledge.

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Exciting features: 

  • Turn static images, such as regular photos or any static graphics, into NFT ready moving crypto art. Motion NFT Maker converts static images, such as regular photos or any static graphics, into NFT ready moving crypto art in a nutshell.
  • Make your crypto art as crazy or artists as you want. You can make your static photo or image as weird or unusual as you want, but it can also be as flawless and artistic as you want. It can attract a wide range of potential consumers’ preferences.
  • Because Motion NFT Maker uses proprietary CRA AI technology, creating living and moving pictures and images. It also allows each piece of art to be unique and attractive.
  • In 3 easy steps, you can start making NFT ready moving Crypto art. Motion NFT Maker is a simple and powerful desktop software that anybody can use.  There are no limitations on the number of artworks you can create and sell. No prior experience is required.
  • In your spare time, you can create as many crypto arts as you want.  You may even sell this NFT on crypto art markets such as eBay. You list them, and they live on their own after that, allowing you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the profits of the income they can earn.
  • They’ll also offer you access to a strategy that explains how to use social media to generate traffic to your crypto art listing and improve your results.
  • Commercial license upgrade included. If you buy now, you’ll get a commercial license upgrade at no extra cost. The free business upgrade is only available for a limited time.


Name – Andrew Darius.

Location – New York City.

He is an experienced online marketer and product creator. Few previous good products created by this vendor are Storyxy, VSLmaker, Scriptdio, Videnton, Speechdio, Explaindio Elements, Vidicious,  Vinci3D, etc. 

Storyxy Review

Only simple three steps to start with Motion NFT Maker:

#1: Select picture.

#2: Choose the areas you want to animate.

#3: Export.


  • With CRA AI technology, it’s the world’s #1 motion NFT maker app.
  • Any photo or image can be converted to Crypto Art NFT.
  • It’s simple, easy, and newbie-friendly.
  • FREE Software Updates are included.
  • Desktop-based — no lag or delays from the cloud.
  • License for commercial use is included.
  • 30 days unconditional money-back guarantee.


  • Various upsells exist. 

  Get Access To Motion NFT Maker Official Website

Follow the below chart for a complete overview of the product Motion NFT Maker:

Product Motion NFT Maker
Vendor Andrew Darius
Launch date and time July 21st, 2021 at 10:00 pm EDT
Front End Price $27
Customer support Excellent
Money-back guarantee 30 days
Recommendation Highly Recommended
Official website >> CLICK HERE <<

Price details:

Front End Motioney: Price – $27

Non-artists may use this breakthrough app to create motion NFT crypto art that they can sell to collectors and speculators on eBay-like sites. Every time your NFTs are resold earns passive perpetual royalties.

Create an unlimited number of Crypto Art in full 4K HD quality with a step-by-step tutorial. 

Sell an unlimited number of Crypto art NFTs under a commercial license and also get excellent support.

Upsell 1 Motioney PRO: Price – $57

Upgrade to PRO to have access to backward animations, a growing library of video crypto art NFTs, an unlimited number of animations, auto-saving, and over one million royalty-free stock photos.

Upsell 2 Motioney Enterprise: Price – $67

Increase the resolution of your art from regular HD to full 1080p HD and even 4k Ultra High Definition, and organize your art by style.

Upsell 3 NFT Vamp: Price – $27

Transform your motion art into visually striking blockbusters that inspire collectors, investors, and speculators to act.

Using exclusive NVV AI technology, dramatize your motion crypto art with alluring animated and static effects.

Upsell 4 Cinemagraph NFT maker: Price $47-$67

Make Cinemagraph NFTs from regular videos.

Money-back guarantee:

There is a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. You will have a full 30 days to check out the product. If you try the software and realize it’s not for you, they will refund your whole purchase amount. That means it’s completely risk-free purchasing.

They will not retain all of your money until they amaze you with their awesome product. Contact them if you are not satisfied at any stage within 30 days. They will promptly return every penny to you without any questions asked.


#1: Easy Web Builder desktop app

#2: 2D Animation Studio

#3: Compositor 2.0

#4: Screen Marker

#5: SC Video Editor

#6: Panorama photo stitcher for Windows

#7: Audio Recording And Editing Software


Collectors, investors, and speculators are the three types of people who can purchase this tool. Crypto art can be purchased by collectors to add to their collections and to display.

Investors buy to keep for a longer length of time in the hopes that the value would rise with time, such as when the creator becomes more famous.

Anyway, this is absolutely a no-brainer deal to purchase if you come under the above category. Also, keep in mind there is a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee.

  Get Access To Motion NFT Maker Official Website


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