Marketing Boost Review – Is This a Scam?

What is Marketing Boost?

Marketing is essential for a company’s success. Regardless of how excellent your product or service is, getting referrals and keeping clients may be extremely difficult for any business. That is why corporate incentives can be such a powerful method. Marketing Boost can help in this regard. In this marketing boost review, we will learn how to use incentive-based marketing to instantly raise sales and convert buyers into loyal clients.

Marketing Boost, when implemented correctly, can skyrocket your sales and marketing efforts, increasing sales by 60% or over. When utilized incorrectly, your customers, and leads, may believe you are attempting to mislead people.

This is a business platform that provides businesses free holidays, hotel discount coupons, and restaurant gift vouchers to utilize as incentives to attract more leads into customers. This increases the necessity and worth of acquiring your goods or services. Marketing Boost works with hotels, lodges, food courts, and industry experts to obtain these incentives for its users.

As a result, they collaborate with Marketing Boost to provide the above incentives. They use this to gain more revenue when customers end up spending on housekeeping, purchasing, great food, casino gaming, and other important extras.

This is suitable for which industries?

It may be utilized by any industry that wishes to improve sales volumes, such as those selling services, tangible goods, educational products, and affiliate marketers.

A few industries are listed below:

  • Real estate
  • Travel
  • Restaurants
  • Dentists
  • Event managers
  • Home security
  • Beauty care
  • Home improvements
  • And many more

How Does Marketing Boost Actually Work?

You’ll get access to premium incentives as a Marketing Boost partner, that you can provide to your customer as a thank you for purchasing the stuff or buying for the service. Clients will respond more rapidly if you include a free holiday, food discount card, or resort gift voucher in your marketing deal.

Three simple steps to start with Marketing Boost…

  • Purchase a Marketing Boost Subscription. Include the incentives on your sales page.
  • Customers who frequent your brand may receive the reward by just inputting their details on your Marketing Boost Panel.
  • Consumers will receive the gift card right away and can activate it, following which it could be spent at any period over the next 18 months.

Marketing Boost Review; Features:

Unlimited Free Holiday Incentives to Incredible Destinations: 

Holidays are booked straight with their in-house travel company. They have already transported over 1 million customers and also have more than 22,000 user testimonials.

Incentives for Unlimited Free Vacations: 

You may print and give the holiday cards offline in extra to use their digital delivery option. Your clients can quickly activate unique serial numbers online or by contacting the toll-free number.

Hotel Discount Cards: 

Hotel discount cards are extremely popular incentives that you may both utilize to offer to your customers. Your consumer may spend the money credits at over 1,000,000 resorts and hotels globally, like Hilton, Marriott, Ritz Carlton, and many others.

Incentives for restaurants and recreation:

Major selling and advertising firms have utilized travel incentives to generate sales. Holidays are booked straight with their travel agency. 

Integrations with Click Funnels, Zapier, and API:

You may link the API into their web forms to entirely streamline the process of giving holiday incentives to your customers. Marketing Boost also works well with popular services like Clickfunnels, Builderall, Zapier, and others. Their support team is also accessible to assist you through any setup issues.

Excellent Customer Service: 

The support staff is always there to assist you with whatever you require. You may contact the customer service staff through email or live chat. With locations in the United States and Asia, their staff is committed to ensuring your satisfaction. In fact, you may communicate with over 11,000 other customers by joining their Facebook group.

DFY Services: 

If you’re not a computer expert and the concept of integrating automation through API connectors appears difficult. Ask about a DFY integration or complete building of the marketing funnel. with automatic follow-up through email, SMS, voice mail, and other channels can convert leads into paying customers. 

Marketing Boost Review

Is Marketing Boost a scam?

Nah! this is not a scam. It is a real program that provides vacation rewards to your customers. However, if you’re searching for a program to assist you to enhance your marketing, it might be a wonderful alternative for growing your sales and brand exposure.

Marketing Boost Review; Pros:

  • The free holiday may be utilized at a variety of locations across the globe, including popular tourist sites such as Las Vegas, Australia, etc.
  • The restaurant discount cards may be used for several occasions until the balance is spent.
  • There aren’t additional expenses associated with any of the benefits. 
  • Individual vacation coupons can be used once every year. 


  • The reward is highly valuable, and some consumers believe that it is a scam, but it is not.
  • All expenses are not covered by the vacation incentive. 

Marketing Boost Review; Pricing:

There is a free basic plan for Marketing Boost with limited features.

Two types of pricing plans are there: Gold and Platinum.

In the Gold plan, you will get unlimited holiday and restaurant incentives. Also, get live training and a training library. It costs $37 per month on a month-on-month basis. When you bill annually the total cost is $347.

In the Platinum plan, you will get unlimited holiday and restaurant incentives for 5 brands. Also, get live training and a training library. It costs $97 per month on a month-on-month basis. When you bill annually the total cost is $927.

Marketing Boost Price Monthly
Marketing Boost Price Yearly

Marketing Boost Review; Conclusion:

If used appropriately, Marketing Boost may be a great collaboration if you want to increase your leads, income, and referrals. Because Marketing Boost is so adaptable, useful, and economical, you can include it in your marketing strategy.

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