LifeCloud Review – Limitless Cloud Streaming & Storage.

LifeCloud is an up to date 2 in 1 cloud-based storage and drives application that is used to store, backup, share & host files, and videos. The server is ultra-fast and the best part is there is no recurring payment. 

LifeCloud will replace DropBox, Wistia, Amazon S3, and GoogleDrive. 

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Why do you need to grab LifeCloud?

  • This software will provide you backup, store, host & share all your documents, images, and videos.
  • Free End-To-End SSL Encryption, which will provide you 100% protection of your data.
  • Unlimited bandwidth with no extra or monthly cost.
  • 100% uptime guarantee.
  • Super hosting features will secure your website graphics, videos, and data.
  • This will directly deliver the content from the cloud on the website.
  • Easy use and collaboration.
  • Storage space will increase automatically as per usage.
  • Third-party sharing is possible just by a single click.
  • One-time fee only. There is no other hidden cost.

There are just 3 steps to store, backup, share & host files, and videos:

  • Login to LifeCloud and just drag and drop all your files and upload them. 
  • The server will store all your data fast and easily.
  • Start sharing all your data from the dashboard. Also directly deliver content from cloud to website.


Name – Amit Gaikwad and Anirudh Baavra.

Company Name – Softstream Technologies Pvt Ltd.

They are experienced professionals in online marketing, product creation, and software development. 

Another popular product created by them is  LifeMeet: Fastest Meetings & Webinar.

LifeCloud Review - Limitless Cloud Streaming & Storage.

How is LifeCloud different? 

Platforms like DropBox, Wistia, Amazon S3, are costly and they will make your wallet empty. Google drive is not very much secure. LifeCloud will provide you a fully secured platform for a one-time tiny investment only. So, no wastage of time, money, and energy with LifeCloud. LifeCloud is easy, reliable, and sophisticated. Say goodbye to limited subscription platforms. Storing data on unreliable hard disks may crash and you can lose data. That is the reason LifeCloud comes into play.

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Usage of LifeCloud:

  • Keep records of all your photographs and videos.
  • Keep a backup of all your important documents.
  • Instantly share your memories with people.
  • Store all your excel sheets, presentations, and all your documents.
  • Directly deliver your content to your fast-loading website.
  • Meet all your colleagues across the world.

LifeCloud is for whom?

  • This is for an online marketer, service provider, or business person.
  • If you want to survive in the new digital world.
  • If you want to secure your important data.
  • This is for the person who wants to avoid monthly recurring fees.
  • You would like to earn more and save more.

Price Details:

LifeCloud – $27.00

LifeCloud Enhanced Security – $38.11

LifeCloud DFY – $48.11

Life Agency Bundle – $98.11

LifeCloud Reseller – $98.11

LifeCloud Whitelabel – $197.00

Life Triology – $38.11

LifeCloud Review - Limitless Cloud Streaming & Storage.

LifeCloud Review - Limitless Cloud Streaming & Storage.

LifeCloud Review - Limitless Cloud Streaming & Storage.

LifeCloud Review - Limitless Cloud Streaming & Storage.

LifeCloud Review - Limitless Cloud Streaming & Storage.

Is this really worth money? Final conclusion:

LifeCloud is the ultimate cloud storage solution that will help you skyrocket profits at the lowest one-time cost. If you want to say goodbye to the expensive monthly subscription and limited storage, you must grab LifeCloud. The best part is, your data will be 100% secure because LifeCloud has its cutting-edge technology. So, don’t think so much, just grab it.

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