Kovert Review – The Amazing Google Doc System.


Kovert is a system that Mark has been Sincerely building and utilizing for about a year.

This is not software, but a system that was created from the ground up. This system genuinely requires no email list, no existing assets, and no experience.

This is a wonderful side hustle for more seasoned marketers as well as a great beginning point for newcomers.

Kovert operates on the principle of value first, which includes giving free specially structured Google docs or PDFs.

Giving out free documents is an automatic procedure that pitches and sells on behalf of the user in two phases.

Phase 1: Concentrates on a single lead product and employs a variety of techniques to promote and sell it.

For example, the switch page, Google doc, pitch page, and automated campaign are all automated during the first setup. It takes only  2 to 3 hours for setup.

Phase 2: Involves sending the same prospects via a sequence of automated campaigns aimed at pitching and selling multiple products on your behalf through your affiliate link.

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Name – Mark Bishop.

He is an experienced online marketer for more than a decade. Few previous good products released by this vendor are OMNI, FLIIK, RAIID, Cyclone, VidInc, and more.

Mark Bishop

The potential of the system:

Kovert isn’t a three-button software, but it is a process that works and will continue to work for people that utilize and implement it.

The method is also self-sustaining, requiring only a few minutes of work each week to continue producing benefits after the initial setup is complete.

Because the system is built from the ground up, all users have the same potential.

While no one can guarantee precise results, you can  achieve the result if you follow the instructions and put the system in place.

What will you get inside the front end?

  • Members have full access to the Kovert training area.
  • From beginning to end, the complete Kovert system (never seen, or done before)
  • Videos that show you how to do anything step by step (14 videos) – explicitly describing the entire procedure
  • Documentation & pdf (1 pdf & 1 task sheet / checklist)
  • The entire setup is described in detail.
  • Explained the quick targeted traffic that vendors and other users employ.
  • Case study: $5,184.88
  • Users will be able to view their own setup in action.

Watch the below demo video:


  • Nobody else is using this brand new and unique system.
  • Even though you give it away for free, you keep getting paid for the same Google Doc.
  • Giving out only one Google Doc made them $5,140.18.
  • Phase 2 will automatically add an additional $4,043.00 to your account.
  • From start to finish, you get results in 1 to 3 days (No list required).
  • This isn’t just a theory, this is the actual system.
  • You can do it as well.


  • There are various upsells.

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Kovert Review; Complete overview:

Product Kovert
Vendor Mark Bishop
Launch date and time Jan 20th @11:00 am EST 2022.
Front End Price $17
Customer support Excellent
Money back guarantee 30 days
Recommendation Highly Recommended
Official website >> CLICK HERE <<

Price and upsells:

Kovert Front End – $17.

OTO 1: Kovert 5K Campaigns (Price: $47):

  • 10 ‘Profitable’ Copy & Paste Campaigns that are ready to go.
  • Case Study #1: On Autopilot, an Extra $561.40 in 7 Days
  • Congruent products with approval codes number in the tens.
  • DFY Phase 1 (Initial) Campaign is ready to go.
  • Case Study #2 – Earning an Extra $174.65 in Just 2 Days
  • Instructions in Video Form (Even the basics).

Kovert Ultimate D.F.Y – OTO2: (Price: $97):

  • 4x Ready-to-Use Google Docs that have been written by a professional.
  • The 4x Ready-to-Use Switch pages that are fully formatted.
  • 4x Pitch sheets that are fully formatted and ready to use (With video)
  • 4x Pitch sheets that are fully formatted and ready to use (No video)
  • Pitch page videos, 4x ready-to-use (With voice)
  • Pitch page videos, 4x ready-to-use (No voice)
  • Step-by-step training videos – Describes the entire procedure.
  • Customers will also receive the $5,199.80 project. 

Kovert Traffic MAX – OTO 3: (Price: $37):

  • Some personal sources of high-yield traffic.
  • Complete instructions and links are provided.
  • Stealth: Quickly identify new winning sources – which are currently generating revenue for others.
  • Stack and Test New Sources – This is the method I use to locate the highest-yielding traffic.
  • Kovert Max: This is the formula for turning tiny profits into large sums of money.
  • Instructions are available in video format.
  • Instructions are included in PDF format.

Kovert Ultimate Agency – OTO 4: (Price: $77):

  • Customers gain a 90% commission when they purchase the Reseller Edition.
  • Resells using the Kovert mechanism.
  • Ready-to-use Google Doc – just add your affiliate link.
  • Code for a pre-sell switch page that is ready to use.
  • Code for a pitch page that is ready to use.
  • Video of a pre-made pitch page.
  • The initial email campaign consists of five ready-to-use emails.
  • Instructions in video form (6 tutorial videos).

Vendor bonuses:

  • Kovert Quick Start.
  • System Task Sheet
  • $5,184.88 Case Study
  • See It In Action 


When you give away 1 Google Doc for Free, the Google Doc System rewards you up to $173.33. Kovert isn’t a three-button software, but it is a process that works and will continue to work for people that utilize and implement it. The method is also self-sustaining, requiring only a few minutes of work each week to continue producing benefits.

If Kovert does not produce results for the user after being set up and following the instructions, they will provide a full refund without question within the guarantee period of 30 days from the date of purchase, upon receipt of proof of application. By buying Kovert, you agree to the terms of this guarantee.

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