Connect Video Review – This helps advertisers get retargeting back.

Many of you must be aware that Apple is releasing its iOS14 which affects all Facebook advertisers. Facebook won’t be able to track their visitors like they are used to. That obviously affects retargeting audiences. 

When this update was announced, the Connectio team have been working on special technology that will allow advertisers to back their most profitable audiences or allow them to retarget their audiences. The best part is this will retarget all your present, past, and future audiences. Connectio developed the technology that is easy and automated. 

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Name – Wilco de Kreij.

Company Name – Connectio.

Wilco de Kreij is a programmer, developer, designer, and full-time online marketer. 

Connect Video Review - This helps advertisers get retargeting back

Why does retargeting work well? 

Because people already know your face and your brand. Because the people already started to trust you and that converts well. Most people don’t buy right away. Most people need to see you or your brand multiple times for them to consider taking action like making a purchase. This is called “the rule of 7”. 

But retargeting is about to change forever because of the iOS14 update. That means the vast majority of iPhone and iPad users can’t be tracked by Facebook outside their mobile app. 

So, if someone clicks on your ad, they are on Facebook and they click on your ad and reach to your website. Facebook won’t be able to identify who the person is. This is the reason you won’t be able to retarget those people as well and even if people do allow to be tracked, Facebook will still only be able to track them for 7 days. So, you retarget people for 7 days only. 

But we all know that we normally used to retarget people for 180 days on Facebook. Due to this change, you are going to leave a lot of audiences and of course a huge amount of money on the table. 

How to get rid of the retargeting problem?

There is an alternative to get rid of this problem. There is a new type of audience being released, that is the same lucrative as the retargeting audience. This is completely iOS14 proof. 

The best way to get someone to know you and your business and grow trust is through videos. If a picture says a thousand words then a video says millions. Facebook can track people watching videos in detail like how much they watch the video. 

Even after the iOS14 update because it’s all inside the Facebook platform. That is the reason this is not affected by iOS14. Facebook has already given to all advertisers the option to create “Video Engagement Audiences”. That audience includes people who have watched a video that you post on Facebook and Instagram. Inside the audience section of the Facebook ad manager, you can easily create a video audience. You can choose every video one by one to create your video audience.

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What is the best way to convert your audience? 

Exactly you are right, the videos. Videos are the most effective way to build your brand and create trust in people. Whenever you share videos on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks, this is the most effective way to get people into your brands or in your business. That is the reason Connect Video comes into play.

Using Connect Video you can easily create super video audiences. By using this audience, advertisers can retarget everyone who watches any one of the videos on Facebook or Instagram. That doesn’t matter whether it is a posted video, a video ad, or a Facebook live video. Also, it doesn’t matter whatever devices they are watching it on, even works on iOS14. This is good news for advertisers, as it is going to create the biggest impact on people. This is a must-have tool for any serious advertiser. 

Comparison between old school retargeting audiences, video audiences, and Connect Video audiences:

Old school retargeting audiences. Video audiences. Connect Video Audiences.
iOS14 X Y Y
Accurate X Y Y
Complete X X Y
Retention 7 Days 365 Days 365 Days
Automated Y X Y
Simple & Fast Y X Y
Segmentation X Y Y

Is this worth the money?

Absolutely this is worth the money. If your Facebook ad is underperforming then you’re wasting money. If you are trying to figure out what is wrong inside your FB ad campaign and spending your valuable time, but no results come, then you need Connect Video. If you are spending money on FB ads but you are not making a profit, even if you are not hitting your break-even then you need this. Connect Video will provide you the perfect retargeting solution.

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