ClickMagick Review – Optimize Your Ad Campaign With Accurate Tracking.

It is wonderful to have more link clicks and conversions, but how you can improve your advertising. To drive your business to the next level you must learn how your customer reacts to your campaigns.

You don’t realize the actual advantages unless you utilize effective tracking software. ClickMagick is a cloud-based application to track Ad campaigns and optimize them.

You can generate tracking links with ClickMagic, and the software tells you who visited your landing pages and who leads to sales.

ClickMagick includes numerous additional advanced features, in this review article I will discuss everything.

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ClickMagic’s main advantages and functionalities are…

1. This is the only exact data source:

The CRM and other software do not provide you all the necessary information to give correct and efficient marketing information.

With high precision, ClickMagick can provide you all your key marketing data and analytics that can be reviewed in one location.

2. Analyze and enhance your whole sales funnel:

The most sophisticated sales funnel can be analyzed and improved efficiency by utilizing this tool.

This program has been built for Google, Facebook, YouTube, and other ad platforms. You can monitor and optimize your advertising fast and effortlessly.

3. Tracking capacity of cross-device.

People mostly have two to three devices, and they always move between them. That is why most monitoring systems have difficulty monitoring their true behavior.

But you can monitor everything using ClickMagick and improve the ad with true cross-device analysis.

4. Ad networks can reach better quality customers: 

Both Google and Facebook use AI algorithms to find new consumers. However, around 30% of their purchases are misreported.

It’s incredibly easy to provide your conversion statistics by ClickMagick so that you utilize more accurate information.

5. Facebook conversion API integration:

The optimization campaigns of ClickMagick are fully linked to the Facebook Conversion API and provide your recent conversion data on Facebook in real-time.

Recent changes to Facebook Ads due to iOS 14 do not affect the monitoring of ClickMagick.

6. Reduce the ad expenditure by using ClickShield:

While the ad networks do their best, many clicks are paid for by automated software programs known as ‘bots.’ And the competitors try to increase your ad spend by unnecessary clicking.

But, as you can block ‘bot’ and competitors’ clicks, you do not have to worry about it. You can set easy rules through Click Shield.

7. Split testing is automatic and efficient:

ClickMagick Automated & Smart Split Testing eliminates all difficulties. If you have a statistically proven winning campaign, ClickMagic algorithms can rapidly tell you and even automatically route all visitors to that campaign.

8. Real-Time Stats & Reports:

With ClickMagick you can get all the information you need easily and effectively. Obtain all the information you need to monitor and optimize marketing in real-time, including conversion rates, ad expenses, profitability, order value, ads expenses, and many more.

9. Retargeting on the various platforms:

By tracking your visitors on the Web with multi-platform re-targeting you can increase awareness of all your offers and increasing profitability tremendously. 

ClickMagick multiplatform retargeting enables you to upload unlimited pixels of any retargeting platform.

10. Location and mobile targeting:

By utilizing ClickMagick Track Links and rotators, you can automatically send people to certain websites based on their location and kind of device.

11. Affiliate marketing tools:

ClickMagick was originally established by a super affiliate to run his own affiliate company. This enables you to quickly automate split tests in order to optimize all of your landing pages.

12. Automatic bot filtration.

In fact, bots can destroy your data and can ruin your marketing strategy. You can filter or block bot clicks via ClickMagick, ensuring you are correct in your statistics and receive clicks for which you paid.

13. Traffic quality assessment:

It’s crucial to recognize what sources of traffic get results for you and which ones just spend your money.

Also, ClickMagick automatically sets up a distinct Traffic Quality Score for all your tracking links so that you know exactly which kind of traffic you get. The system will tell you if the click quality is low.

14. Excellent 24/7 support.

Standard and Pro users are serviced around 18 hours a day via live chat and, if needed, by telephone. You can also submit the ticket. it works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Overall customer support is excellent.

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Name – Patrick Kelly.

For the past 26 years, he has been a digital marketer. This program was built by Mr. Patrick in 2014 to sell digital items for his personal use. This product was upgraded for widespread usage later on. This product is now a market leader as a tool for tracking.

Best suitable for…

  • Affiliate marketers.
  • Bloggers.
  • E-commerce owners.
  • Coach and consultants.
  • Influencers.
  • Online marketers.


  • Easy to learn, simple to use.
  • Most affordable.
  • Rapid import, export, and sharing.
  • Split test support.
  • Uptime link monitoring.
  • Advanced postback URL tracking allowed.


  • It takes time for things to be implemented.


ClickMagick contains three types of pricing plans: Starter Plan, Standard Plan, and Pro Plan. There is a free 14-day trial for all plans.

ClickMagick Review Price

Starter plan:

This plan is appropriate for new marketers and those with budget problems. This plan costs $37 a month.


  • Up to ten thousand clicks a month.
  • It may be used by 1 person.
  • Unlimited conversions.
  • TrueTracking’s core features.
  • Allowed funnel tracking – just 1 project.
  • Tracking of 2 custom domains.
  • Six-month data retention.
  • Basic online support.

Standard Plan:

This is the most popular plan and is best suited to growing companies. This costs $77 per month.


  • Up to 100,000 clicks a month.
  • The software can be used by three team members.
  • Unlimited conversions.
  • TrueTracking’s core features.
  • Cross-device tracking.
  • Telephone/offline sales tracking.
  • Audience optimization.
  • Conversion of Facebook API.
  • Click Shield for PPC.
  • You can do funnel tracking for 5 projects
  • 10 Custom track domains.
  • 1-year data retention.
  • Helpdesk support for two hours.
  • Support for live chat.
  • Call 1-on-1 onboarding.
  • Support through the phone.
  • Paid Traffic Courses.

Pro plan:

This is suitable for super affiliates and power users. The cost of this plan is $197 per month.


  • Receive everything of the standard plan and get below feathers in extra.
  • Unlimited team members can utilize up to 1M clicks a month.
  • Funnel tracking is unlimited for the custom domain.
  • Dedicated support.
  • 2-year data retention.

Final thoughts:

ClickMagick can genuinely assist you in reaching your next business level. The support team provides incredibly quick and friendly assistance if you need it. It is extremely easy to use and offers excellent and unique features.

You must try and upgrade it if found suitable. A 14-day free trial exists. This is an absolutely perfect deal, as per my personal experience.

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